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What's your favorite break-in song?

Want to know what song(s) you guys listen to when breaking in new headphones. Or in other words, what song is your absolute go-to when you get those new cans, IEMs or headphones?
I'm just getting into higher-end gear myself so I'd love some recommendations. That, and branching out with music is always good.
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Any of Stevie Wonder songs, the music instruments are very diverse.
The Package by A Perfect Circle
Kicks those low frequencies to life.
The Man's Too Strong by Dire Straits.
Savage garden : to the moon and back
”Everybody Dies” by Ayreon. It runs the vocal gamut with about eight vocalists (male and female) and tests response well because it’s very fast-paced. Also it’s about the robot apocalypse so it seems appropriate for what audio technology is doing to me (or at least my bank account).
Amada Mio by Pink Martini
Sloppy Seconds by George Clinton or Music Madness by Mantronix(One of the best intros). SQ test nothing beats Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang.
The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines ~ Joni Mitchell (Mingus)
Anything from Blackbear or Lauv, just cause it's what I like.
For song Melissa-- Allman Brothers Band. For extended play Eat A Peach-- Allman Brothers Band, American Beauty--Grateful Dead. All tracks 24/192 and or 32/192 Yes, I'm an living fossil ( or so I am told).
I Robot by Alan Parsons
Hooked on a Feeling by Blue’s a timeless classic and I Test it on all new Hi Fi gear because it’s got some fat bass notes and the whole spectrum of music in under 3 minutes. This will test out your woofers & tweeters Plus you can sing along. Guardians of the Galaxy got this right and it belongs on every awesome mix tape.
The theme song from the Mortal Kombat movie and Who Let The Dogs Out.
Best answer yet, probably.
Entire first album of the Tsubasa Chronicle soundtrack. Then best of Nana Mizuki for good measure.
Hayling by FC Kahuna
An incredible song
"I Can Explain" - Rachelle Ferrell
Female vocals like none other.
It's unfortunate that I own over 10,000 albums , 50000 Apple lossless songs because when I break in headphones it requires approximately 150 hours of continuous play to properly break them in , so I usually use Apple downloads I plug in then I connect the headphones and let them run for the full 150 hours then I like to listen as my first music first is something Acoustic like Janis Ian's Breaking Silence it's an exceptional recording then I listen to jazz , blues , guitars like Acoustic Alchemy . Anyway it's a process, enjoy .
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Angel by Massive Attack
Favorite break up song? Aretha Franklin "You Lied"
Champagne Supernova for me.
I-Robot, Alan Parsons Project.
MDK all of them
50 hours of pink noise.
Interesting. Did you write your own script to pipe output from the computer's (pseudo-) random number generator to the audio subsystem? Or is there publicly available software for that?
Woah I wish I was that cool, haha. I use my DAW to do so, but there's a pink noise option on
1) Bridge Burning - Foo Fighters 2) Deacon Blues - Steely Dan 3) Destiny - Zero 7 4) Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
Either Touch and Go by Intervals or R.E.D by A Tribe Called Red.
Bob James’ Rain or Pete Belasco’s Deeper
Strawberry Fields Forever
Autechre - "Teartear" and "Nine"
Apologies for the pedantic response, but when I read the subject "break-in songs," I think of "burn-in," which would be the initial window of time during which headphones or other audio equipment settle into their final sound signature. If I'm looking to burn in headphones, I'm only trying to exercise them for a period before I start diving into actual listening. So my headphones will stay parked on a stand, and I'll feed them my music library on shuffle.
When I read the "in other words" qualifier ("go-to" songs), that sounds more like the honeymoon period of initial critical listening. As an engineer, it used to drive me nuts that everywhere I looked for recommendations on how to audition speakers, the recommendation was always "listen to what you know." Surely there must be some objectively good tracks to use for objective listening purposes, right? But after spending hundreds of hours of critical listening, A-B tests, etc., I've learned that it's easiest to appreciate nuances and ferret out repeatable differences in A-B comparisons when I'm listening to music that speaks to me, because I know it intimately. So start there.
Finally, I could rattle off an endless list of tracks I've visited while listening for what my gear can do (Delerium - "Innocente" ft Leigh Nash; Pink Floyd - "Run Like Hell" and "Goodbye Blue Sky"; A Perfect Circle - "Counting Bodies Like Sheep..."; Beck - "Say Goodbye"; Imogen Heap - "Bad Body Double"; various stuff by Nine Inch Nails and Tool). But sometimes I just want to hear "Awesome Sound" by Ween on the most ridiculously high-end equipment available to me. Because I can. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the journey.
Scorpion Frog by Infected Mushroom is the song I use for equalizing and pressure testing a PA in a music venue. The first half of the song has very well recorded parts that make it ideal to work on the frequencies while the last part of the song has a slow low pass filter sweep that opens up into a hard house dance jam with all of the earlier elements combined. This includes a violin arpeggio that should still sound natural and separate from the rest of the track. Concert speaker systems need to perform reliably at 115-120 dB at front of house and that can be tricky since most recorded tracks are no where near as dynamic as a death core metal band playing a sold out show. There is never enough AC power or budget to bring more the you need so these presure tests are important and so far Scorpion Frog by Infected Mushroom is the best track I found to test a PA without destroying my ears at the same time. I realize this is about headphones and not concert systems but the results would be the same. Will your headphone or speakers remain clear and undistorted at full volume during the last part of Scorpion Frog?
Proper title to this thread is "Witness my superior musical taste." Sips latest curated espresso drink or mixologist-inspired cocktail whilst typing on trendiest mobile device.
Any benefit to burn-in, break-in, etc will range from subtle at best to undetectable, so my $0.02 - listen to WHAT YOU LIKE first. That is the point, right? Some of the titles listed below are ear rape TO ME. Just enjoy.