Nov 16, 2017

What's your favorite break-in song?

Want to know what song(s) you guys listen to when breaking in new headphones.

Or in other words, what song is your absolute go-to when you get those new cans, IEMs or headphones?
I'm just getting into higher-end gear myself so I'd love some recommendations. That, and branching out with music is always good.


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I like to use Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. Really shows off range of headphones
Here it would easier to show you and my Foobar 2000 set up.
I really like to start off with iRobot from alan parsons

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Bachbusters album by Don Dorsey
I made a folder of FLAC songs that I like. I have a bit of everything. A list too long to list. Here is the album art I made for it. Feel free to use if you like.
Love the artwork, man. Great stuff.
Good work! I wold love to hear some good flac songs...hard to get them thou.
actually, final thought.. to get a little of every noise ever.. the original soundtrack of Repo the Genetic Opera... and if you don't know it YOU ARE WELCOME!!!
any of the well lyricicked Armand Van Helden tracks, def vinyl to really test your cans, but also because... well vinyl!

Best song ever is You Don't Know me.
Also Pumpin, original by Eny and Noviac.....

orrrr go JUNGLE and check the dub base, Rock the Funky Beats or Limb by Limb... really anything with a a 90's reggae riddim built in...

What's YOUR go to?
I listen to This Will Destroy You album - I wish i had a proper break in song, but hell, this thread sure isn't making it harder to find one.
I was just trying to come up with a list for a friend of mine to check his stuff out with. Might as well make a list here.

A lot of them aren't particularly great examples of mastering or a great showcase of any particular element of a piece of gear, but here's a decent amount of stuff I haven't already seen mentioned that I use for various reasons when showing off or getting new gear:

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd : Wish You Were Here
White Room - Cream : Wheels of Fire
Doctor Doctor - UFO : Phenomenon
Check the Pulse - Earphunk : Sweet Nasty
School - Supertramp : Crime of the Century
Zoom Club - Budgie : In for the Kill!
Varúð - Sigur Rós : Valtari
Pripyat - Hauschka : Abandoned City
Rainwalk (live) - Tauk : HEADROOM
Inhale - Plini : Handmade Cities
Drop - Ludovico Einaudi : Elements
Coma - Guns N Roses : Use Your Illusion Pt 1
Would? - Alice in Chains : Dirt
Hamamatsu Timeless - Funky DL : Nights in Nippon - Jazzstrumentals
Children of the Damned - Iron Maiden : The Number of the Beast
Drive It Like You Stole It - The Glitch Mob : Drink the Sea
Commencement - Bop Alloy : Substantial and Marcus D are Bop Alloy
Pushit - Tool : Ænima
The Birth and Death of the Day - Explosions in the Sky : All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Only Time Will Tell - Asia : Asia
Fooling Yourself / The Angry Young Man - Styx : The Grand Illusion
I've Seen All Good People - Yes : The Yes Album
Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur - If These Trees Could Talk : Red Forest
Fire on High - Electric Light Orchestra : Face the Music

For most of these, I'd recommend the entire album and not just this single song. Some are seriously just a random track pulled from an album I find to be a good album. If nothing else, it's a little look into my musical tastes.
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and we'rew allll idiots unless we got the ORIGINAL Rokit by Herbie Hancock o this list... and the 45 Kings tune..... with the tenor sax).... and of COURSE google "Paul van Dyke For An Angel London Symphone Orchestra" and "Jeff Mills the Bells Orchestra" on youtube..... CHILLS
There’s only a handful of really good direct drive tables; the Technics everybody knows being one of them. There’s plenty of good belt drive tables. Even an only halfway decent direct drive is very expensive to develop, and that’s why Technics made essentially one great one and sold a ton of them. And why use a mixer without effects? An accurate standalone phono stage and any clean amplification would be better for the task here. And then after being picky about vinyl, I assume for quality reasons, you mention YouTube? A streaming site known to compress the material it’s streaming to you? Seems sort of backwards.

His use and my use both are simply for personal enjoyment. There’s nothing above that going on here. If they do a decent job with their releases, no one format is going to be superior to the point that you can’t enjoy another. Vinyl tends to not be blown out the way a CD is on a crappy release, but it’s still crappy most of the time if that’s the case.

As far as the music itself, as I said in the original post, plenty of those are not good examples of mastering or anything special. It’s a good example of something I’ve been impressed with for one reason or another in my listening, and that’s why I go back to it to listen to new stuff or show off stuff to others. Your list can have whatever you’d like. Listening to things you know is great for checking differences in gear. These are things I use, simple as that.

That said, I have other things I use that I didn’t list, and I have a bunch of stuff on vinyl that I generally don’t use for this, but definitely will listen to. Turn the Page is something I only have on vinyl. Hotel California is something I only have on vinyl. They’re great, but unless I’m demoing at my place, I’m not getting a big stack of vinyl and a table and moving it around to let you demo anything. They’re more fragile and waaaay heavier than just bringing a drive or even my laptop and playing it all from there.
Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei (that cool song from Kill Bill)
Favorite reference tracks for first audition in ears/ heafphones in no partcular order :
- PORCUPINE TREE : the joke's on you
- CHANDEEN : ginger
- FLEEDWOOD MAC: the chain
- KING CRIMSON : talk to the wind
- RADIOHEAD : nude
- NEW MODEL ARMY : ballad
(radiohead cover)
- IN THE NURSERY - miracle road
- JULIA HOLTER - maxims I
- JULIA HOLTER - silhouette
- PHILIP GLASS - koyaniquatsi
- PHILIP GLASS - facades
- DEAD CAN DANCE - dawn of the iconoclast
- DEAD CAN DANCE - xavier
- PORCUPINE TREE - nine cats
- RADIOHEAD - tinker tailor...........
control (Joy Division cover)
- JEFF BUCKLEY : dream brother
- NICK DRAKE : river man
- STEVEN WILSON : the raven that refused to sing