Nov 16, 2017

What's your favorite break-in song?

Want to know what song(s) you guys listen to when breaking in new headphones.

Or in other words, what song is your absolute go-to when you get those new cans, IEMs or headphones?
I'm just getting into higher-end gear myself so I'd love some recommendations. That, and branching out with music is always good.


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my favorite song is "massdrop is using good suppliers who dont abuse human rights, oh wait they use cheap labor and produce sub par products"
Human, Rag'n'Bones Man
Fantasies, VALNTN
Cut The Check, Desembra and Spitfya
Not for any "burn in" <ahem>, but to condition that lump of fat between my ears, I usually go with something that highlights what I may have felt was lacking in whatever headphones I'd been using most. A lot of the time I'll check something I recorded myself to judge the "neutrality" factor against my studio monitors (Yamaha HS8s), then I'll go through a range of classical genres, then try some rock, jazz, Dub, EDM… No specific records, I don't really do "favorite" records, and I make a concerted effort to not be listening this week to the same thing I was listening to last week.
I don't really believe in "break in". Most headphones don't really change in any significant way, and even ones that do won't be affected by what kind of music you break them in with. Just start using them. If they're going to break-in, it'll still happen pretty quickly in normal use.

I would guess that the majority of what people hear as "break-in" effects is just due to giving their ears a bit of a break before going back to the new headphones.
I’m not sure you guys are doing it right.

Here's what I do: first I pack an overnight bag and make a reservation at a nice hotel with a good bar. Then I set up all my audio gear with everything in place, BUT NOT ON. Then, and this is the important part, I stuff two -30db earplugs in each ear, and strap on my Bose QC 35 noise canceling headphones over those. Next I start the car and leave the driver's side door open AND the front door to my house open. And finally, with everything hooked up and cans plugged in, I click the start key that triggers an eight-hour loop of that "1-800-Cars For Kids" commercial--AND RUN LIKE HELL!!!
Elaborate, but creative.
These are all albums, but I know what I'm going to hear and what I want to hear.

1950's Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits
1960's The Ventures Greatest Hits
1970's The Outlaws - Ghost Riders In the Sky
1980's Big Country - The Crossing
The Seer
Cock Robin - First Love, Last Rites
1990's Crash Test Dummies - Give Yourself a Hand
Texas - White on Blonde
The Hush
Toto - Kingdom of Desire
2000's Alter Bridge - AB III
2010's Joe Bonamassa - All his albums

Live Albums BoDeans - Joe Dirt Car
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Everybody's Talking
Any Bon iver, blood orange, fleetwood or gabriel. Also "in rainbows"
Mines dumb- one of my favorite metal records is The Pale Horse by Legend. Every time I get new speakers, in my car or at home, new headphones or anything I always start that record. The snare is really crispy, the kick drum is very punchy and the mids in the guitars always give me a good baseline to judge stuff off of. That’s the record that made me buy my Yamaha HS7’s
For break in, I always play Pachebel's Canon in D. After that I have a list that has many genres, but with a good emphasis on Latin Music. For burn in, I use pink noise
Going strictly by the actual question -- what do I use to *break-in* new headphones, not evaluate them -- I like to put something very energetic and wide-range on repeat and let 'em cook for a while. I personally like Noisia's "Split The Atom" or just about loud EDM with lots of bass, or pipe organ pieces with lots of very low pedal work.

These types of music do a great job breaking in any audio component.
Steely Dan / Aja
Donald Fagen / Morph the Cat
Fleetwood Mac / The Dance
Al Dimiola / The best of
Anything by Spyro Gyra
I marathon my whole music library, which thankfully isn't too huge. All of Mastodon's, Alice in Chains, BTBAM'S, Protest the Hero and a lot of others' albums.
USSR Anthem
Make sure it’s on max volume, too.
Egoist "All alone with you"
For me,
Seven by Cory Henry
Anything from Air - 10,000 Hz Legend
These two live versions of Bon Iver - 715 CRΣΣKS, and ____45_____
Donald Fagen "THE NIGHTFLY"
Track 1/3 -
Track 2/3 -
Track 3/3 -
I use this 3 tracks for about 72 hours to burn my newly purchased iems or headphones. Then my first actual song would be either Led Zeppelin IV album or Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon album. Both of those tracks are just sweeeeet! Then for testing the low ends, I play Alessia Cara - Here, Marshmello - Alone, Jordan Comolli - Origin, RL Grime - Core. These are all of the tracks and songs that I use for my burn-in of newly purchased audio gear.

I see that I cannot type worth a damn
Spelling corrections below:
Billy Cobham "Stratus"
John Martyn "Solid Air"
Nick Drake "Three Hours"
Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills - Super Session - His Holy Modal Majesty

"Broke In" many stereo components and headphones with the above
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