Nov 17, 201772 views

Reate Knives on Massdrop?

Hey Massdrop, any plans on getting some Reate knives on here? While we're at it, perhaps you can snag us the Liong Mah KUF-Kitchen Utility Folder?
JasonG and namhod

I would love to a see a Liong Mah kife on Massdrop. He makes great stuff and is really approachable.
I agree 100 %. Why don't you have a larger selection of Reates and Loong Maj knives.......
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I googled Loong Maj, cuz I had never heard of em.. haha.
Way to laziness here !
Those Reate's are sweet!
I doubt we will ever see full customs on Massdrop. I would jump on a KUF immediately. Something about that knife, I have never held one but man it looks good.