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Midas Mode Tournament & Novelty Keycaps!

Time to give your keyboard the Midas touch.
MIDAS MODE: A COMMUNITY-DRIVEN DOTA 2 TOURNAMENT Welcome Dota 2 players and fans! We’re excited to announce our official sponsorship of Midas Mode, a 10-day, eight-team tournament put on by indie game broadcasting agency Moonduck Studios.
Like most Moonduck tournaments, Midas Mode is a little unconventional. Each team will be allotted a set amount of currency (Moonbucks), which they will use to draft heroes, ban heroes, pause games, and pick sides. Teams must use their Moonbucks wisely so as not to spend too much up front and exhaust their firepower.
Another interesting element? Teams can earn more Moonbucks by completing user-submitted challenges from Reddit, 10 of which will be chosen each day by the golden hand, Mr. Midas himself.
So, where does Massdrop fit in all of this, you ask? Well, in addition to being a sponsor, we’re partnering with Moonduck to put out a set of exclusive Midas Mode Keycaps:
Full tournament details here:

MIDAS MODE KEYCAPS To commemorate the tournament, we’re making a limited-edition set of four novelty keycaps that you’ll only find here. Made from dye-subbed PBT (the golden keycap is made from gold-plated zinc), the keycaps are sculpted in OEM profile and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones.
• Mr. Midas - the boisterous, googly-eyed golden hand at the head of the tournament. • Moonduck Logo - a giant hippo on top of the world. • Midas Mode Tournament Logo - styled in old-fashioned red font. • Gold Dollar Key - the gaudy, gold money sign representing the precious Moonbucks.


Note: Try typing in !massdrop or !giveaway in the chat!


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Watch the Midas Mode Tournament here:
OEM profile :(
Dat Gold Dollar :)
Can't wait to get mine.
This is so rad!
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