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Aeromatic 1912 Watches : A1032 Black Dial Leather Men Watch

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Depends on the context of your question. Most importantly however is what YOU think? If I said this watch has ZERO provenance, and has no consistency in parts suppliers (meaning you could open two side by side and the movements and finish will likely be very different), would it matter? A time piece should be most important to the person wearing it, and no one else.
Aeromatic is a line of watches made in China using various parts, and are essentially "Ebay Watches", meaning you won't likely find these in a brick and mortar store, and are watches created to be sold online only. This watch has no history really, either as a brand OR a product. If I were looking at this as a first watch, it looks good enough, but I can also think of a lot of watches I would rather spend $170 on or towards than this, albeit lacking a moon phase. If a moon phase intrigues you though, all the better. A lot of Chinese movements are also very difficult to work on and get corresponding parts for in the case of a service, which behooves me as well.
Piece spoken, again though I come back around to the simple.... Get what makes YOU happy, wear it with good spirit and health man.
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