Nov 20, 2017

Sous Vide Searing

What is your preferred method for searing sous vide cooked meats?
I've been using a cast iron pan to sear, but I've been wanting to try out a Searzall. With the holidays coming up, I was going to be cooking a prime rib. I'll stick with the classic oven method, this time. I can't imagine being able to keep a cast iron pan hot enough to sear an entire prime rib without affecting the internal temperature of the meat.
I can't seem to find a place to buy a Searzall. It seems like a product that would be perfect for a group buy.

Yeah gotta agree with @jkiemele here, oven or grill, piping hot, hot as it can go. The Searzall is good for spot finishing if needed or someone complains its too rare (blasphemer...) and you just want to hit the edges a bit more.
Have you thought about using a cast iron plate that covers two burners? I use one at home and it works great. The heat distribution isn't perfectly even but it works well enough.
I have a Searzall. It works well for searing small pieces/individual steaks, etc... It'd take forever to sear a prime rib. A 500+ degree oven would be my go to for searing something of that size.
I usually sear sous vide meats on a hot grill or hot pan, cast iron or carbon steel.