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Help me decide!

So which one and why?

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The Alpina would be my choice as well lovely watch
Update that I bought both, and decided to return CW and keep Alpina. Very happy with that decision. Both were great and beautiful watches but at the end I liked the Alpina more. It’s more masculine and more beautiful in my personal opinion. At the end CW was too shiny and the lack of double AR made it less pleasing to look at.
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Thanks for the info. It's a beautiful piece.
Thanks. As a reference, here is a size comparison with two 42mm watches
100% Alpina, not another Rolex lookalike.
My vote is for the CW. Someone mentioned the CW looks too much like a rolex... well the Alpine looks too much like a Seiko to me
So which one did you go with?
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Does it have an hour hand, or is it one of those super hard-core diver watches with only minute hands?
Haha, it’s 5:26pm, so where would the hour hand be? Right under the minute hand of course :-)
CW. Love the hands and they're reputed to be exceptionally well made for the price.
CW for sure!
The CW.
CW. I have that exact one in white and you will not be disappointed
CW is much higher quality than Alpina. Compare the hands and you'll see it right away. Alpina charges a premium price tag for being an old Swiss brand, not because it is a premium product. I had a good look at some Seastrong at an AD, and a lot of the quartz pieces had the second hand missing the markers and the bezel action was inferior to entry level Seikos (SKX and Turtle). CW make a great product despite feeling a need to change their branding every few years. Their divers are both original and in good taste.
Christopher Ward by far. Disappointed they removed the word London from the face of the watch.
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I like the move from 12 to 9 and adding the full word Christopher Ward v. just Chr. Ward. If you look at the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC Limited Edition it soooo balances out the watch face and is beyond super sexsi!
Thanks. Yes I can see the balance you’re referring to.
Seiko is the best money you can spend in a decent watch nowadays....quartz or automatic....not fond of automatic at all, as none give you the exact time over a week....but nothing we can do about it
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Well that is the point of view I always hear, and I respect it, but at the end I see a watch as a machine designed to give you the time, so it has to give you the time right. Same way a car has to be able to transport you, no matter how much leather or designer stuff to put on it at the end of the day, it is a car.... Also you can get really nice Seiko's as well, design-wise. one of the reasons my spectrum is now rather limited, as i like better the classic watches, and mainly all the new technologies that offer the advantages of a more precise time, are going to designers that IMO make them horrible looking. I.M.E. designer watches are never good watches, they get the first movement they can get cheap, place a brand on them and ready to go for thousands...Just my last two cents.... BTW both of those above look really nice, you can't go wrong with either one, if you are just looking for a fashion statement....
Thanks for your explanation. I personally have a few Swiss automatics and swap them every 2 or 3 days (sometimes every day) just because I get tired of each one very fast but miss it again if I don’t wear it for a week or so. Therefore each time I wear each one I truly enjoy it and it feels novel and new again. Now each time I pick one of them to wear, I set it accurately (and I truly enjoy setting it. It’s part of the fun and the experience like someone who enjoys a stick shift car). Anyway I set it accurately and by the time I swap it in 2 or 3 days, it’s just a few seconds off. So I always have the correct time within a few seconds. I don’t mind a few seconds and I think that for majority of people a few seconds doesn’t affect the normal rhythm of their day.
Go Christopher Ward! Better looking!
CW with 43mm and saphire bezel! CW is better built then Alpina!
Please offer CW!
Go Christopher Ward! Better looking! Most of all, because the band width matches the overall size of the watch. Alpina band looks a bit odd to me.
I really dig the Alpina!
CW but go with 38MM. The Alpina is a giant! All though the Alpina has a cooler Lume bezel.
CW Has a Titanium Black with a Lume Bezel.
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I meant to say 38mm (Size) but you know typing early in the morning is hard.
:-) Thanks for clarifying. That was confusing indeed. You know, when it comes to diver watches my sweet spot is actually 44mm.
I have an Alpina, an Oris, and an Orient, I'd buy an Oris over another Alpina in a heartbeat. Seriously consider an Aquis Date.
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By the way, I was seriously considering the Oris Aquis is until I noticed the lug design prevents you from using other straps The ability to interchange straps is in my minds one of the fun’s of having a watch.
I haven't had mine long enough to swap it, but while bracelets are costly (meaning OEM at $300+), I've found many nice leather straps that will fit.
Which one is cheaper ? I'd go w less expensive ,if they are same price is go w the smaller one,unless and if the cheaper one is way bigger than the other is , then id likely go w The smaller one. And j would also be doing the comparison w pre owned to reduce costs even more
Thanks for the suggestion. Typically with a diver watch, the sweet spot for me is 44mm.
Understated, classic look
Go with the Christopher Ward for the 5 year warranty you get with the watch. Seriously, you can look up what I as well as many other Alpina owners have had to go through to get warranty service from them, its a huge pain in the butt. My experience with CW on the other hand was amazing, they paid for the shipping both ways and did the service for free. BTW anyone saying the CW looks like a submariner literally knows nothing about watches and has likely owned neither. I own both, they look nothing alike in person the case and dial designs are super far apart. If anything the CW takes some design cues from vintage seamasters not from the sub. Anyone who manages to mistake those two aren't the type of people you really will be impressing with a nice watch tbh.
yep.. Christopher Ward ! simple classic.
The Alpina has a classic look with some cool details that make it different. Also the edges are more rounded which I prefer.
Christopher Ward by far. I own a C60 trident, it was within +2 a day out of the box, has crazy fit and finish, and is a very versatile classy look. The Alpina... it isn't that classy looking, I have never seen any Alpina +2 a day out of the box, and I promise you the fit and finish is better on the Trident.
At one point I also had to get my trident repaired because I accidentally damaged the crown. CW recouped my shipping cost, repaired it for free, sent it back at +2 again, and it took less than 2 months. Good luck getting that level of repair from almost any watch company, much less Alpina.
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That’s gorgeous. Thanks.
Alpina - all the way
By the way, with the Black Friday deals, they are both the same price.
cward looks like a submariner knockoff Alpina all the way
I love the CW Trident line. I own the CW C60 Trident GMT 600 <>, the C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 <>, and the C60 Trident Pro Titanium 600 (black case on black bracelet) <>. While I love the utility of the 2nd time zone of the GMT model, I am sending the watch back to be adjusted under the 5 year warranty as the GMT hand is out of alignment. The chromo model is fun, but I miss a sweep second hand more than I thought I would. The titanium model is my current favorite, as the watch is much lighter than the steel equivalents and the lume is absolutely incredible - I have to be careful not to expose my film when I am wearing that watch in my darkroom.