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Black Friday & New Flash Sales Daily!

Lines suck. Sales don’t.
This year, get everything on your list without battling the crowds. Our Black Friday deals will be live from Friday, November 24 through Sunday, November 26. Plus, we’re launching new flash sales every day for the next six days! These products have some of our steepest discounts ever, and they’re only up for 12 hours each: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, to be exact. To find them, just type “Flash Sale” in the site’s search bar.

Which deals do you like the most? What are we missing?
Let us know in the discussion.
Happy Black Friday!
AkumaKurono, ltopper, and 7 others

I would enjoy some nice Apple Watch straps, like Nomad.
Would love some more micro knives, like the CRKT Jettison Compact, Boker Urban Trapper Compact, maybe a cool Spyderco collaboration for an upgraded Grasshopper or full-flat-ground Ladybugs, Swiss Army Knife Manager in a cool color (Midnight Blue? Green?). I have a few long knives, but I use the tiny ones most.
Any chance of contacting WyWires about some of their cables?
Also, any ideas for storing and organizing a pretty large collection of headphones? I was thinking of a coat rack, but festooning it with many more pegs (like a headphone tree!), or a shoe organizer.
Maybe you guys should have Black Friday sales a little earlier next year so we can have the items for the holidays. Some of the things I was looking at ship on the week of Christmas :(
Did you have a BF box last year ? anythjng planned for this year