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First Watches ! Need Help!

Hi, I'm 16 years old an new to watches and I dont know what to get. I was looking at the Citizens Paradox and here is the link, . Thats the style i like, but does any one know if thats a good watch or other watches that are good?
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This is also worth watching as someone just getting in to watches. I'd wager many of us have committed some of these mistakes, I know I certainly have.
Citizen and Timex both offer a variety of great entry level watches. Based on the style of the Citizen you linked to I encourage you to check out the Timex Waterbury line, I think their chrono may be up your alley.
Definitely second checking out timex. I love my Waterbury chronograph. I posted a few pic's in the wrist check thread a few weeks back
This kid has style! Evan, you picked a good one. The styling is clean, and the lume has a unique shape. Go for it!
Later, when you get out of the all-black phase, just swap out the band for NATO straps. Enjoy!
I have an Eco-Drive Citizen and my wife has two and they are excellent, accurate and reliable. I'm not a big fan of quartz watches and prefer mechanical, but if you're going quartz, I can't think of a better option than Citizen Eco-Drive.
Citizen makes a terrific watch, and if the aesthetic of that Eco-Drive appeals to you, that it's the one you should grab. I will point out though that you can grab A LOT of very nice pieces for the $350 MSRP on that watch. Seiko, Orient, Swatch group, and a whole slew of Micro brands all make watches that fall within that price range. Shop around also, Long Island Watch has some Black Friday deals that will be awesome, and the drops pages here also offer some nice watches.
Cheers, and welcome to the world of watches Evan
Thank you for you reply. I found it on sale for $150. I like that kind of style. I will check out those other watches also.
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