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Who/What is your go-to source for watch reviews or content?

I myself stay on the budget side of things, so YT channels like Justonemorewatch, Perth Watch, Minitwatch, The Time Teller, and The Urban gentry are my go-to's for reviews.
Who do you guys frequent?

P.S please don't refer me to some pretentious snob like archie luxury lol

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Time Teller and Urban Gentry are my two favorites, mostly because they are polar opposites in terms of presentation and video length. One is bombastic with short videos, and the other is more polite and measured with longer videos.
I dont frequent to many YouTubers, and those I do is for entertainment value really, and not much else. I peruse Hodinkee and A Blog to Watch, several brand specific websites and communities, and honestly, more than any, I just do a lot of analytics on my own through various channels and a highly trusted network of competent professionals who are good friends to boot.
A Blog To Watch - mostly new watch news, Fratello Watches - very into Speedmasters and have interesting vintage stories, Hodinkee - photos that will make you lust over a watch you didn't know you wanted, Worn and Wound - good for entry to mid market news and reviews, also have a podcast Longislandwatch's youtube channel for "watch and learn" videos and product intros. Marc is so helpful.
Second Hodinkee. Fratello watches is good reading, too, but they tend to focus on more high end stuff. I like the two of them because they are a good mix of new and vintage, good general reading if you are in to watches.
No problem, and I do vist forums on a regular basis, I only visit them when I need a specific question answered.
My go-to reviewers are pretty much the same as yours, but I am going to add Hodinkee to list. Since while they focus largely on more higher end watch, they also focus some what on more entry and mid tier watch. More specifically articles by Jack Forster.
Cool, thanks for the suggestion. Do you frequent any forums? I was thinking about making an account for watchuseek, but idk forums always seem to have so many hoops to jump through
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