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Problem with my seiko watch

So I just received the seiko classic chronograph and I set everything up like it shows in the instructions and last night it just stopped working. It stopped exactly at 10:50PM and I set it up at 6PM.
Any way I can fix it so that I wont have to always reset it?

Can you post a picture of it?
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Oh btw here is something else I just realised, I came home at 11PM and saw I left my watch upside down it had stopped at exactly 11 oclock, I moved it so I can read it properly. 20 minutes later the minute stick moved to 11:15, I lift it up and place it back down and just right now I see it is at 11:40 but not moving. Any idea?
It is now at 11:50, I'm really confused haha
Edit2: It is now 12:26 and it shows on my watch 12:25 ish. Seems like the seconds arrow isn't moving.
It sounds like it is defective. I would contact MD support.
Is it an automatic or quartz? If the former, it probably just needs to be wound. If the latter, perhaps it's old stock and the battery needs to be replaced. If it's Kinetic quartz, maybe you just need to move it more to charge the battery.
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No clue as that watch doesn't exist on the seiko website. I'm glad to know I might have received a defect it was 84.99 anyways, thanks massdrop :D
Check with MD Customer Support first to see how they might be able to help. It is not necessarily a defect though, as many have pointed out, it is likely an older battery.
As to not finding the watch on Seiko's website, Seiko makes literally THOUSANDS of models, and I don't think they honestly list all of the pieces they make, and the sub models they might have. Unless it is generally considered an exclusive piece, or one of the top sellers (think the SARB or SKX), then they don't list it usually. It can get somewhat maddening if you are really scouring for info on a particular model.
Cheers on the watch, hope you get it sorted out