Nov 27, 2017

Headphone Stand

I decided to design and build some headphone stands for myself and my friends. It started out with pencil and paper sketching, then it transitioned to a cardboard out-out model, and now I finished the project. I used SolidsWorks to model it and then I transferred it to MasterCam to plan the CNC routing.
I am using 3/4 inch wood board and stacking 4 of them on top of each other. The center 2 pieces will have through holes and the out 2 pieces will only have holes cut 1/2 inch in. Then dowel rods and wood glue will be used to make sure the outside faces are nice and pretty.


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I give you tree fiddy for one!
I aint givin you no headphone stand you god damn loch ness monster!
Kinda looks like plywood in that shot. Are those mill marks or is it made of some nice ply? I've always liked good void free ply edges when finished well.

On that note, a multi-ply block of hardwood laminate (1/2" plies maybe?) would be cool too. Alternating maple and walnut would be awesome... and sort of expensive. Maybe that's why I've never bothered to finish that knife handle...
its plywood. sorry for the potato quality picture but after I get one assembled with some finish I will get some beauty shots
Very nice!
Looks great.
One suggestion if it's not already in the works.
Make the base have a flat board to support tilting or accidental taps to stop from knocking it over.
My headphones have a metal band and plates, a little heavy, not bad but I know it would easily fall sideways if touched.
Otherwise, nice one and bring it on! Get to production scale! :D
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Time for assembly. I posted a picture below on Duncan's post
Another photo has been uploaded to the original post :D
Well done, sir.
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Nice. Are you going to add a finish/coating to it? Lookin' good man.
Yep! Something dark to give them some pop
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