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Help me find an ultra slim watch

Hello everyone, with Christmas coming I am sure we are all doing our requisite gift shopping. A friend of mine owns an extremely thin watch that is black and gold with a white face. My girlfriend for years now has been going on about how she wants a super thin 'dainty' watch like my friend has. I have done about an hour of research online and I have not come close to finding a reasonable example. The closest thing I would buy is the Piaget Altiplano Rose Gold GOA31114. However I know absolutely nothing about timepieces and I am not about to drop that kind of money on a watch, let alone a watch that wouldn't even go on my wrist.
My question for you (much more qualified than me) enthusiasts is what would an affordable comparable watch be? It doesn't have to be the bleeding edge of thin but it has to appear thin on a wrist and 'dainty' as my girlfriend put it. I hope you guys can help me out :)

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In case anyone cares, I ended up getting her the 70th anniversary edition of the museum dial Movado. She absolutely loves it and wears it nearly whenever she can. Thank you all for your knowledge and help :)
There are more than a few thin German brands that walk the line between entry-level and high end, often unisex sizes, and in an oft-copied minimalist style.
Nomos makes very attractive, minimal mechanical watches in the $1-5k range. The Orion and Tangente are both 35mm width x 6-9mm thick. Very special looking.
Junghans Max Bill comes in a quartz ladies model for about $600. It has real design cred.
Stowa Antea is a mechanical in the $1k range, 35mm x 7mm
Mido Baroncelli is a Swiss mechanical in the $1k range (on par with Tissot, Hamilton) but also come in less expensive quartz models
Timex has been putting out nicely designed sub-$100 quartz watches lately - see the Timex Fairfield at 37mm x 8mm and the Timex Metropolitan at 34mm x 6mm
Not that helpful in this case but I have to mention my favorite "cheap" $15 minimal watch, a Casio MQ24-1E - they're 35mm x 8mm
Not mentioned here, but there are a ton of slim watches you can find in the $100-500 range from brands with more of a "pop" or "fashion" reputation. (Fossil, Shinola, MVMT, department store designers, etc.)
No bad watches, just a different watch for a different audience. So get whichever looks best to you!
Also forgot to mention Citizen's solar watch line Eco Drive. Eco Drive One is 3mm thick, one of the thinnest watches ever, but is up there in the $1-2k range. Check out other Eco Drive watches too. They tend to be slim and clever japanese engineering, priced $200-500.
Also I second the Swatch rec below.
Good luck!
Hey Zach, welcome to the boards. If your looking for an ultra thin, several companies make models ranging from a few hundred to well into the tens of thousands. Some nice options though might be like the Tissot Everytime: These are around 6.5mm thick and come in under $600 MSRP, but can be had for even less from several dealers.
Swatch also make the Swatch Skin line, which are around $150 msrp and are 5.6mm.
Longines LeGrande line is also thin, and around $1000. Jaeger LeCoultre also make very nice ultra thins, but your moving into the realm of tens of thousands of dollars w those.
Also, a really terrific value (if that word can be used) would be for a pre-owned Rolex Cellini. Several models are under 8mm, are always precious metal, and, well, it’s a Rolex. You could probably score something for under $5k.
Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting
My wife wanted only solar quartz. I got her an automatic. Coincidentally, shortly after getting it one of her favorite television dramas had a scene where an automatic watch is given as a gift and its specialness explained. That changed her attitude, although she still complains, in good humor, about having to wind it when she doesn't wear it.
A few thoughts - my girlfriend is slowly turning in to a watch person, and I've done it by a steady stream of gifts. A few ideas, trying to keep everything in budget.
People knock Shinola in many places but it is the brand that got her interested in wearing watches. Say what you will about their production and marketing, but they came from nowhere and now have some serious brand recognition. The Canfield 32mm on a skinny leather is quite dainty, and the mother of pearl face is striking in person.
The Birdy has some bling, but remains very feminine -
The others I've gotten her I've spent a little more on - a Michelle ceramic and a couple of automatic movements.
Depending on what designers your lady may enjoy, fashion watches are a solid choice and offer a variety of styles. I know any Kate Spade offerings were always a hit with my better half, but she loves KS bags and other items.
Good luck with the search!
What is your price range and does she want automatic or quartz?
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Haha yes, that was just the first one I came across that more or less perfectly matches the kind of watch I am looking for. There is no way I am going to be paying $25k though. I feel like a lot of that value comes from the name (even though there is some superb engineering going on) and the material it is made out of. I don't need a high end brand name watch made out of 18k gold. But I want it to be slim and look nice.
You can get some decent vintage manual wind watchs that are pretty thin like this
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