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Batman is wearing a $190,000 Breguet Watch in the new “Justice League” movie

The Tradition 7047 Fusee Tourbillon in platinum



There is a part of the movie where he is working on the Batmobile with it on and it droved me insane
A better view of the protruding crystal:
It's like the telling-the-time aspect of the watch is an afterthought, a minor complication.
Wikipedia: "Originally an attempt to improve accuracy, tourbillons are still included in some expensive modern watches as a novelty and demonstration of watchmaking virtuosity. The mechanism is usually exposed on the watch's face to show it off."
So a feature to improve accuracy is included on a watch with a half-inch time face and no second hand, with which you're lucky to be able to read the time within plus-or-minus two minutes, assuming excellent eyesight. But Breguet invented the tourbillon in 1795, so it makes sense for his company to continue to use it.
I think it was a good idea to get rid of the pesky second hand -- makes setting the time so much easier.
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Then what you need is not this watch, but the quantum superposition Schrödinger's watch with the hidden face:
That’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen :-)