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Good Mech Keyboard to start with?

Hello, I'm looking to get into mechanical keyboards. Are there any that you would recommend? I would prefer smaller, possibly a TKL. But I still would like the arrow keys to be separated from the main keys. I think I would prefer Brown switches. Thanks for any help.

I just snagged a E-Element Z-88 (larger than a 60%, smaller than TKL) w/ hot swap switches, detachable cables, RBG per key lighting (not programmable) $25 USD w/ shipping off of Ebay (slight cosmetic blemishes being the only caveat) - otherwise, this board retails about $45-50 and is available in blue, brown and I think Black or Red switches otherwise.
GMMK is what I would suggest. It's not the best quality board, but its cheap & you can hot swap switches very easily. They even sell them with brown switches.
The thing with this hobby is that you'll eventually want to try different switches to find out which ones are truly the best for you. Being able to hot swap is huge and will save you money.
I really like my GMMK better than the K-Type even. It's a good solid board.
Entry level TKL is the Coolermaster Masterkey S PBT. Can also be made fully programmable using a replacement controller.
Just get the cheapest thing you can find with your preferred switch and a TKL... you really can't go wrong with a first mech, unless you overspend on something you won't like.
A good 60% is Anne pro, or pok3r. They seem to be a popular choice for a first keyboard.
Anne pro offers gateron switches (black, blue, red, etc.) in different case colours (White, blue, black, etc).
Pok3r has cherry switches (I think).
I prefer gateron over cherry simply simply because they’re smoother (Less scratchy).
Try a Magicforce 68 with Cherry MX Browns. They're about $70 on Amazon, have a great build quality, and a fully standard layout. They're also available on here from time to time with more switch/keycap/lighting options.