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A glimpse at Grand Seiko Studios

This wonderful primer (courtesy of HODINKEE), and one of a three part article that explores the inner machinations of the Grand Seiko studios, and the artisans whom craft these terrifically gorgeous and understated pieces.
I hope at some point they also explore some of the manufacture of the other lines as well, those like the Brightz or other more specific studio models.
enjoy and cheers!
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I had dreams of Grand Seiko before I could tell difference between a submariner and a speedmaster. Point being, when you come up into watches with no Swiss frame of watchmaking reference, Grand Seiko is a serious pinnacle.
Because of how sincere Yoshifusa Nakazawa was, I think a Grand Seiko is my new dream watch,
That was beautiful. I wish I could have a mentor like that, who thinks about several generations ahead and not just the next buck.
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