Dec 2, 2017

Interest in a high-end mono chat headset?

Hi everyone,
I could use your input. I’m new to the community, but after seeing the kinds of custom products that Massdrop is producing in conjunction with different companies, I realized this might be an opportunity to help create something I’ve been looking for:
I would love to see a premium, super-comfortable, single-can chat headset with noise-cancelling microphone, suitable for hours of work/play.
Why single-can? There are plenty of high-end stereo chat headsets out there. Finding those isn’t a problem. But I have nice speakers, and I prefer to play game audio from those with separate audio from discord/chat over a headset. Currently I use a professional-style chat headset from Jabra, the sort of thing you’d find in a call center. That does the job well enough, but I’m hoping others here would be tempted by the something like a Sennheiser, Astro, or Beyerdynamic offering.
Will suggested I make a poll, but I’m not sure the best way to do so would be. For instance, I’d be perfectly happy with a corded usb solution. Others might prefer wireless. Is it better to have more options or fewer? Should I suggest a specific brand/model variant or just the general idea?
So, I’d appreciate your help. Does something like this interest you? How would you suggest a poll for a potential custom product be structured in terms of options and the like?
Thanks for taking the time to check this out.

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