Dec 5, 2017

Cheap Skeleton Watch

What is a good high quality skeleton watch that is not too expensive ~$100

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For around $100 pretty much just the Chinese watches are in play in this category. As you drop in price, the modifications done to the the plates to reveal the working parts gets more crude. Decoration of the movement may be crude or non-existent. I have even seen plain movements used unmodified, and there really is nothing you see looking from the dial side worth seeing.

That said, there is a specialty Chinese movement made on a rectangular layout that I think looks interesting in a skeleton design. There have been several watches I have seen based on it, some handwinders and some automatics. Decoration is minimal, but it fits with the minimalistic theme of the movement. Found the pic below from a seller on Alibaba, you can get 3 of these for $100.

BTW, if you have a hairy wrist, you might consider shaving it with this kind of watch. That is a lot of empty space with a view all the way through.
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