Dec 6, 2017


I sure wish I could get some votes for the Elac Debut B5 and B6 Speakers. :-) If anyone out there already has them, let me know how they are. They have received rave reviews in the Audio Community!

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i would recommend the UB5’s but the B6’s have a slightly better low end
I've been looking at them a lot lately but I want them more for HiFi. Does anyone know if these are good for that or are these more for home theater?
I have the b6s, paired with an onkyo 9010. very happy with them, but don't have much to compare to.
They're not bad, and good for the money, but the step-up Elac Uni-Fi series is a major improvement and worth the extra cash.
I might be interested in the B6's...
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