Dec 6, 2017

[Ongoing] Show & Tell: Kitchen Knives

Chop chop.

We’re calling on you, the Cooking Community, to show us your favorite Kitchen Knives. We want to know what you’re carving and chopping with, and what you enjoy most about it. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can show us your knife skills as well.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE · Upload a picture of your kitchen knife in the discussion below. · Feel free to show your knife in action like the examples. · Tell us what knife it is and what you like about it.
EXAMPLES Here's some inspiration to get you started. You don't always need to show what you're cutting up of course, we just want to see what kind of cutlery you like most and why.

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I'm without a mandoline for now, so making a nice marinated vegetable salad for the week is up to me and my knife (Yoshihiro VG-10 46). I have a nice bread knife and after that, some cheap carbon steel sushi knife. That's it. Three knives. Gonna live that three knife lifestyle—and eat a ton of vegetables.

We have our lucky winner for the Show & Tell giveaway. Congratulations to Shenanigans!

Although the prize is won, I encourage you all to keep sharing your knives and kitchen knife expertise. It was really inspiring to see everyone's cutlery and hope to see more of it.

Thanks again for participating.
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Perfect. Enjoy, my friend.
Who was the lucky one to win?
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Thank you for the reply! There were some very beautiful knives and some great feedback. It's nice to be in a group with similar passion.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, my friend.
An older picture of my Kai with her German cousin in this picture but she's still my Kai faithfully chopping away to this day.
Full custom 270mm Damascus "mighty" gyuto. Integral bolster, Damascus end-cap, crazy burl. My grail knife by ABS master smith. Michael Rader.
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Sweet googly moogly! I absolutely have to see how they make these patterns. Been seeing alot of these cool damasteel patterns lately.
theres a cool youtube creator called alec steele that does a lot of damascus work, you should check him out.
While I'm out of home this one is my only knife. 9.5 inch Miyabi. I like as it is very versatile and holds edge quite well which is good as I'm not able to sharpen it properly with tools which I have with me on my travel.
It served my daily cooking tasks for past 2 months and I'm very satisfied with it.
My everyday driver:Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S 8" carving knife and sharpening steel.
Love this thing, use it on just about everything.
Very humbly acquired:picked it and the steel up at a yard sale for 5 bux.
Current favorite of mine in the kitchen is the Northwoods Gyuto. CTS-XHP with African Blackwood.

I like it because it didn't cost an arm and a leg for a chef knife that isn't using a mystery steel.

My JCK Original was a knife that my dad let me borrow when I got promoted to a kitchen position at a sushi restaurant I worked at. Multiple chefs I have worked with have tried to buy it off of him, but luckily none ever did. When I moved out and went to college he passed the knife off to me, and it is now my go-to for just about everything. I'm sure that even if I had a wide array of knives this would always be my default.
For me that would be my John Neeman (now a member of the Northmen guild in Latvia) utility knife in Elmax steel. Hardened to 62 HRC, this knife has no difficulty cutting through anything thus far, and maintains a very sharp edge for a long time. While Elmax isn’t the easiest to sharpen, the effort is worth the result.
well that's pretty.
My main utility knife is this Leung Tim Chopper. It took a while to get used to it but it's under $50, it is not the prettiest nor is it the lightest, but it's a workhorse. For most daily uses it does the job. I dun have to worry about someone dropping it by accident into the sink, it is easily sharpened again to cut, dice, smack and chop.
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Meats! Meats! Meats!
If he doesn't deliver the meats we will get the pitchforks!!