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Leather strap for Seiko

I'm thinking of changing the strap of my Seiko for a brown leather strap, which one do you recommend?


Highly recommend Mankey Designs. I have one on my Turtle and love it and he has been offered here on Massdrop multiple times.
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I have a Mankey on order, for better or worse, but I would caution you to think twice about it. The reason? I also had a Da Luca ZULU on order that has arrived, and the style is similar, and personally, I don't like it. To work as a ZULU, which is basically what both the Mankey and Da Luca's are, the leather has to be very thin, since the entire length of the strap has to fit between the watch case and the spring bar, not just the part around the spring bar hole. The strap feels very flimsy, stretchy, and unsatisfying to me. The Mankey has the additional feature of not having a normal buckle: It uses a protruding knob to hold the strap on. These might limit where you could use the strap, sort of like wearing traditional jeans with rivets on the rear pockets that scratch chairs.
On Massdrop both Vulture Premium and District Leather have nice, and normal, leather straps from time to time.
I also list a ton of other leather strap suppliers here:
You'll have to Google for URLs.