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How to connect Headphone amp to PC?

So I recently aquired the HA-200 and I wonder if there is any way to connect it to my PC? I figure I might need another peice of tech for that but I'm not sure what in that case... Thanks in advance!

Simplest way is a cable/adaptor from your pc's audio/headphone out to the input jacks of the amp, but through this you will not get good sound. My advice is to use some signal purifier (look at some Ifi products, for example) before feeding it into a dac then lastly to your amp and headphones/speakers. That way you can get clean audio instead of converting all the noise and amplifying it :)
You're gonna need a DAC to connect it. You could use an adapter to just use the 3.5mm output of your computer, but that's cheaping out and effectively negating the benefit of a good amp because you're still going through the cruddy DAC in your computer. If you only want to get it working, you only need an adapter, but if you want quality, you need to buy a DAC
Good straight explanation here; you will also see why you want a good player app and to get quality music files,, a guide to spending more;)
The HA-200 is an amp only, you need a DAC to convert the digital computer file to an analog signal to send to the amp. The cheapest (quickest) option is on board DAC on the computer, use headphone jack with a 3.5 mm to RCA cable ( But with this nice of amp/headphones--this is a subpar option. I highly recommend looking at Schiit Modi 2 or the amps companion DAC--the NuForce DAC80 or their less expensive options.
Thank you!