Dec 7, 2017

In-Ear headphones with a punch?

I used to use Razer hammerhead pro v2's as my daily driver, but they broke, which is a common problem. They had a great bass and I loved them. Does anybody know of some earbuds with strong bass and overall good sound? I would use them for gaming and music equally. Anything under $150 please.

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RHA MA750s are good (my daily drivers). They sound good, have decent punch, and look good, and go over-ear (I like the over-ear cable routing style more). They also make a wireless version. Check them out
Senheisser Momentums are really fun, very cheap too
Thinksound TS03
I will check them out, thanks!
shure 215
I think ive seen these before, will definitely put it into consideration.
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