Dec 7, 2017

What is considered an upgrade from akg 7XX or alternative

I got the akg 7xx and I like it .But now im thinking about adding another headphones to my arsenal.Thing is im not a true audiophile.I just like how it sounds and will spend cash if i like it but i don't go deep into it.So i was wondering is there an alternative to the AKG 7XX or an 'upgrade'.My budget is 500 USD. I got a shiit fulla 2 also as my dac/amp .So if that headphones is hard to power pls tell me what amp/dac i should get with it.I also plan to use that headphones indooor and for MUSIC and gaming .More music though since i have don't have time to play

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thx for the info and recommendations guys.I realized when it comes to headphones there are no good or bad .They each got their own strengths/weaknesses.So i decided i will be going for a closed back headphones.I already got a open back so time to switch it up a bit
I had a K7XX. Got a K712pro at a steal and sold the K7XX after comparing the two. Got a THX00 next, followed by a HE400i, also at a steal. Ordered a HE4XX for fun and also to see how good it is. Heard the HD650 several times, played with the idea of getting a HD6XX, but I don't think I will :p
Basically, they are all good headphones, but each with their own strengths and weaknesses. So, what's your personal preference? Pick your poison haha
I have a Schiit Fulla 2 and the AKG 7XX. I don’t think you should get another open headphone that sounds like the spacious AKG unless that is specifically the kind of sound you are looking for. For a different (and arguably better) experience, I recommend Massdrop’s Fostex THX00 (which I also own (with the mahogany cups) and am presently using with the Fulla 2). It‘s in your price range and it sounds great off the Fulla 2. Most importantly, as a closed-back headphone, it will give you a very different listening experience compared to your AKGs: much deeper bass, much more intimate soundstage, and a very different, more exciting tuning than the AKGs. Try something different. (I really like both headphones, btw; its fun to have choices.)
Beats are pretty good
May I recommend the AKG k712 Pro and the Audio Technica ATH AD1000X. I own both and the K7XX. It's hard to say what I like more but I'm leaning towards Audio Technica.
You should list what it is with the 7xx you like, dont like and what you want improved. Headphones are not like PCs, there is no clear upgrades except ones that fit your sound preferences better.
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