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What do you guys think of automatic knives? Do you own any?

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Technically it is legal to own any knife in Virginia, however there are restrictions of concealed carry of various knife types including automatic. While there are no restrictions on open carry, the legalese is hazy.
Autos are illegal in the UK but I love the concept of them (Would like to somehow get one at some point)
Double Action OTFs are tons of fun and hella cool, but cheap ones are well...cheap. Get a Benchmade or Microtech and you'll have it for life.
I have a low priced Boker auto knife and I love it. Personally I would never rely on a folder and I’m a BRK snob I just don’t think you can beat a BRK especially considering the price.
Super illegal down under so not something I have ever looked at to be honest, it might be interesting to play with one.
Here in Texas, with no knife restrictions, I own an Ultratech dagger that I'll admit I purchased simply for the cool factor. It's a limited edition with full serration on one side and all blacked out blade/hardware. Very bad ass, but I never use it for anything other than as a letter opener.
Daggers, much less OTFs in general, are all but useless for any sort of real world use stations due to the extremely fragile needle fine tip and added maintenance needed. OTFs all suffer from tight tolerances and complex moving parts inside a sealed handle, so any glue, tape, etc on the blade will gunk up the works if you're not diligent about wiping the blade off after each use.
That being said, I love side opening autos, and my Ratworx MRX gets a lot of carry and use. None of the issues with debris fouling up the action, and the tanto blade is very durable. Added bonus that I can choose to open it quietly and discreetly when I prefer not to attract attention in public.
Would I buy an auto if I only owned and carried one knife the rest of my life? No, but they make for fun additions to the collection and EDC rotation if your local laws allow.
Michigan just allowed them, so that's great, I like em
i have an an original version Benchmade AFO. its a great auto, solid, and durrable.
I have a few but can’t remember the last time I carried one. for some reason I prefer manual knives on a good pivot.
Meh and no. No legal issues where I live, they just don't interest me. Don't really see the point except for folks with only the use of one hand. Even then, flippers/axis/compression lock work just as well and are easier to one hand close because you don't have to overpower the spring.
More power to those that love autos, just not for me.
I think I own them, I think we make them ;) I know I love them.
I own several autos. I lost use of my left hand in the early 70s, and so shipping is not a problem. The Severtech kicks out hard and fast with a great blade, the spydercos are a joy, my daltons are fun, the Kershaws work great. I don't have any trouble with any of my autos. I do wish they ere legal everywhere.
I have 3.
Cool Factor: Max legality factor: Nah
I have a red Piranha DNA and it's pretty cool.
For me, flippers are way more practical than an automatic; a good flipper can open as quick as an auto, but is much easier to close one-handed, as there is no spring to resist you in closing it. I use to have a Kershaw launch 3 and one handed closing is possible with some practice. More than half my collection are flipper knives, the rest are axis lock. Further reason why auto knife laws are so stupid though: many non-autos can open as fast, and it is ofter easier to deploy a flipper tab on a knife than to find and push the often small auto button.
The disadvantage of an auto is that there is constant stress on a spring, waiting to be released, which is just one more thing to wear out. Additionally, a poorly desinged button or knife with no safety would be like putting a revolver in your pocket with the hammer cocked back in addition to it having a hair-trigger.
The Kershaw I had didn't have a safety, but had a somehat stiff button that was recessed into the frame (so it wouldn't get pressed by accident as easily). I just didn't like the fact that I couldn't do a slow controlled opening; snappy fast was its only speed. Cool but not practical (for me).
I agree with this 100%. Autos are "fun" but to me that is where it ends. If I need to have access to it quickly I take a flipper. I have had a small auto Kershaw open in my pocket once. It ripped the shit out of my pocket and was scary to retrieve given how sharp it was. No more.
Also, I don't anticipate being stopped for my knife, but if I was a flipper is way easier to explain to a cop than an auto. Don't see any reason for an auto.
Pro-Tech makes really great autos with premium steel and 100% USA made. They also make several Commifornia legal autos too. They run slightly more than the Kershaw launch, but are made way better, have nice touches like carbon fiber and mother of pearl button inlays, and the tempering on them is top notch.
I both own and carry an auto as it is one of the few folders i can operate with my damaged fingers. Generally I rely on a fixed blade that is ALWAYS on my belt. (Thankfully, I don't live in any of America's police States.). For many disabled people it is the only option. They should be legal every where.
I have a couple fakes from dhgate that are surprisingly nice. A damascus benchmade knockoff otf (beautiful) and a trident and a halo v. I love the idea of an otf knife but I like the side open more because I think you get a better chance of a lockup if under duress. The real microtech I have used locks up every time but still you have to wonder if someday it wont extend fully. The AKC's like stilletos are good and the kershaw launch you linked. Even the real and expensive halo's have issues.
TLDR; otf's can be risky depending on manufacturer. Legit Microtech and Benchmades are awesome. Fakes are iffy.
Here is one of the cheaper fake OTF's I got. It has issues locking up sometimes but it's pretty.:
Why buy fakes when you can in many cases buy a real knife of the same or better quality but of original design.
It was 15 dollars straight from china and a full automatic. The real version would have cost like 250 or something like that. So it was really just my cheap side selling out my patriotism. But to be clear from my original post, there is a huge sacrifice in quality when buying the cheap Chinese knives.
I had an old 4.5" Smith and Wesson automatic opener that was relieved from my possession maybe 6 years ago. I loved it, but they are not exactly legal here in CA.
I've collected automatic knives off and on since I was a kid. Every couple years the urge for new knives reappears and im again researching whats new out there. Id love to see Massdrop offer some autos. Show me some out the front double action knives Massdrop!
Do you have anything by Piranha? How do you feel they stack up vs other decent autos?
They are cool, but will eventually wear out, as will spring-loaded assisted opening knives. I'd rather have a knife without an expiration date. My 2 cents
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Just my experience, but I have to admit, they weren't custom autos by any means or assisted fippers for that matter. I wore a couple out within 2 weeks. My Marfione hasn't seen a lot of play and consistently fires like a bullet. Get what you pay for I guess. Good Luck TGM!
Playing with the assist on a Kershaw leek for hours at a time will wear it out pretty quick in my experience.
They aren't legal to carry in my state, and I don't trust most springs, but I have handled automatics that I like. The benchmade Casbah comes to mind and so do kershaw's line of automatics. They are pretty nice.
If I had enough expendable income to get a knife just for the house, it'd probably be a benchmade.
I have a Benchmade Auto Presidio and edc it very frequently. I'm an auto tech so the axis lock auto is very handy to open when 1 hand is busy holding something and closing us just as easy, just release the axis lock and fold against my leg or something. Also my wife got me a Heretic Auto Martyr that's just too pretty to edc.
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Glory hogging ok hater. I was tired n thought Jorpet was a typo of my name. For this I apologize
I'm here now! Lol. Thanks!
I own a lightning otf, a boker plus strike, and a schrade extreme and I'm always looking for new auto that are affordable.
I'm not a LEO, so blade length limit here is <2". Usually I want a longer blade. I also find autos (and AO) annoying to close. They're also thick in the handle, which bugs me when the knife is in my pocket. Sometimes I look at them, but whenever I handle one it always seems like something I'll never carry.
I own 2 Microtechs: LUDT & UTX-85. When it comes to automatic knives Microtech is the only company I will buy from. They can’t be touched in quality or design.
Love my LUDT ! in my pocket daily for 8 years . Low profile DL look .
Had a Benchmade auto years ago. Aluminum frame. No lock-out feature. The knife was really slippery and the deployment spring was so strong, I had to be careful the knife didn't jump out of my hand. Didn't care for the feel of it. Sold it to my (then) brother-in-law and never bought another. Flippers are nearly as fast and much more controllable.
I actually really liked the super heavy clack of my auto. Made it feel substantial and very sturdy.
Had quite a few Microtechs. Very good and very reliable autos, expensive but they are probably the best of the bunch.
I've owned a Boker AK-47 and a Kershaw Launch. The Boker has been a tank, the Kershaw is finicky on lockup when lint or other small pocket debris find their way into the action. Another endorsement is that there is a wide range of AK-47 blades types and steel, you really can't go wrong for the price.
Kershaw Launch 1 is my work knife of choice. Has been for approximately 2 years now. It's not my favorite knife, but it is great while wearing gloves. Which is where autos really shine. That and the cool factor.