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Knops Mini PCBs ready with new features!

The Knops Mini, a macropad of which almost 200 units were sold in less than a week on Massdrop, is currently in production. The PCB, which was designed well before the drop started, has been improved by adding a few features:
  • Added extra hardware functionality to the audio speaker. This means that you can now play two sounds simultaneously with only the speaker that's built in!
  • Added a fuse to remove any chance of burning your computer usb port.
  • Added proper trace to the reset line of the MCU.
  • Added a hardware identification circuit that can tell the software if you are using a new or old PCB. Anyone that ordered the Knops Mini will receive the new PCB.
This PCB is basically version 1.1 of the Knops Mini. It can do everything that was advertised during the drop + a few new things that you can ignore if you don't want to use them.
Below you will see a few potato-pictures of the new PCBs. Maybe I will make better pictures when I have them in my hands myself.
The expected delivery time was the end of March 2018, but it looks like I may be early by 1 or 2 months. All components of the Knops Mini are expected to be delivered around 24th of december for QA inspection.


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good sheet
Looks really good 10/10