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Ben Brooks looks for a new watch

Massdrop lurker and product reviewer Ben Brooks is in the market for a new watch.
He's a very finicky guy, and his usual MO is to buy one of everything and decide what he likes, but in the watch world that isn't practical.
His current watch lineup comprises three vintage watches:
- Rolex Datejust Thunderbird
- Tissot Le Locle Automatic
- Mont Blanc Sport Chronograph
He's looking for a rugged and durable, automatic movement, informal to dressy watch up to $750. The brands he has narrowed down to are:
- Steinhart
- Resco
- Lum-Tec
- Seiko
- Oris
- Aulta
- Nezumi
- Raven
He's thinking dive, but maybe military.

"Informal, Dressy/Dive/Military" with a $750 budget.... MSRP or street?
A few Oris might come close at street price, but several Seiko will fill the spot, and topping that list would likely be the venerable SKX007. Just a whole lot of watch versatility for not a lot of coin. Raven and Steinhart also have some nice watches, but again I'd probably circle back around for the SKX. A few bucks more and a tad more effort would yield the SBDC003, a fine looking piece in it's own right.
.02 and happy hunting
Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military (with some good pics and discussion recently on the Wrist Check thread) covers both the dive and military themes. Lots of great Seiko dive options - I'm partial to the Turtle (many color options to suit your taste, and it dresses up or down well depending on the band/bracelet). Get one of each for < $750.
I have been thinking about Seiko SRPA21 and SUN065