Dec 14, 2017

An Upcoming Audiophile Collaboration

Care to venture a guess? Tell us what you think in the discussion below.

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Hoping it's Focal. And it would make my life if they were the studio monitors I want to buy- Focal Alpha 65s !
Dang, you guys do this right after I bought a Gibson ES 335. If I had ANY “play” money, I’d be all over this.
Ooooh, focal sounds so clean! Too bad every pair I've tried (Phones, Car, Tower) are all way too bright. Even the Utopias were a bit harsh for my taste.
Every Focal product is just too bright foe my ears. Painfully so.
Seriously? Now that I got the Sennheiser, you're going to do this to me?
Take my money!

Will these ship worldwide?
$800 for the elex...w/a better cable than the elear and better pads...count me interested. wonder when they'll ship?

As much as headphones would be good, it would be great to see some speakers because you don't see a whole lot of speaker Hi-Fi gear on here
Headquarters: Saint-Etienne, France

My Utopia needs a younger brother
Sounds like everyone's settled on Focal. Good guess IMHO.

Since the only products people are interested in on Massdrop Audiophile community are headphones, I think it's safe to assume that it'll be headphones. I'm guessing at Elear with a dark blue paint job?
hope not, i really disliked the elears,I liked the new clears much better. elears have a weird tuning and are very love it/hate it. the utopias are absolutely brilliant but just so damn expensive. havent had any exposure to their downstream stuff. in terms of speakers , ive had significant time listening to the sopra 2/3 , the diablo, scala, and maestro utopias, and the arias. they make absolutely fantastic high end speakers, but i doubt massdrop is gonna start offering 15k+ speakers.

now if it was say blue/black matte devialet phantom golds, id be super into that too, but im pretty sure based on the pic this is prob focal, given its in st etienne and i think thats where focal is based out of
Nice cheap pair of Focal Clear headphones in dark grey/black with extra bass (dreams).
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In roughly 24 minutes.
Hopefully something in my price range :D
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I can sell my kidney. Can we get a "coming soon" post for my kidney on here?
It's good for competition but not for my wallet. All these $700 cans should be more like $500.
Please god, Focal <3