Dec 16, 2017

What's a good upgrade to my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro?

This is my first post here Hello everyone! I have a Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohmsHeadphones and I mainly use it for gaming (I have an external mic so I don't need a headset) the thing is I'm only using a Fiio E10k DAC/Amp to drive this and a friend of mine told me that I'm not even getting the full potential of the headphones because it's 250 ohms. I figured I should probably get another pair since I've used this for 2 years now (I had zero complaints with the e10k but possibly I want a better experience) and it's getting worn out now
I'm looking into the Massdrop x AKG K7XX and the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX. both are the same price and I'm not really in a rush. I'm thinking of ordering one of these today but if you guys have a better alternative I'm open. preferably 200USD budget can go over a little bit if it's worth it. I mainly use it for gaming and the occasional music listening ( I like Jazz and Hiphop/R&B) TIA

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The HD6XX kind of suck for gaming due to their lack of good Imaging. I would either recommend the K7XX or the HE4XX for gaming/music. BTW you can find the AKG K712 Pro for the same exact price as the K7XX. Are we talking FPS games?
all types of games tbh. I play CS:GO, PUBG, Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft II etc. and almost all triple A titles that comes out
I will start with what I think what attributes good HiFi "gaming" cans should have. A lack of hard bass, soundstage, imaging, detail, and good separation. The K7XX are great cans for gaming. Their soundstage, imaging, detail, and separation are really good. It's just I feel that the HE4XX have better imaging, detail, separation expect the K7XX have better soundstage. Plus the HE4XX have a pretty good low end extension which isn't over powering at all. I would say imaging is more important than soundstage for gaming, but soundstage and imaging should be a married characteristic when describing sound. Having decent to good soundstage with crappy imaging is like having a good idea with bad implementation. Not saying they K7XX have bad imaging. I think a good example of this would be the HD6XX, they have decent soundstage with crappy imaging, and it's why they're no good for gaming. As someone who one the DT 990 250 LE I think the bass hits too hard and the highs are too harsh for my tastes. Both the AKG K712 Pro and the HE4XX would be an upgrade.
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