Dec 18, 2017

Watch communities?

Since I am still rather new to the incredible world of watches, I've been wondering where I'd have to go to find an active watch community. I still have so much left to learn!

First welcome to the world of watches and Horology. Watchuseek is a good place to start, though it can be a bit overwhelming at first unless you know what your looking for.
Hodinkee and A Blog to Watch are both good, though Hodinkee caters to more expensive tastes. I really, really starting getting into watches when I purchased my first Rolex, and was also lurking on the Rolex Forum A LOT. I got into a brand first, and starting wondering and asking "why they did this?" or "why do that?" and "What is this?", and it eventually evolved to include how the pieces perform together, and it grew beyond just the brand, and became more about watches as a whole.
Wrist check here on Massdrop also yields a lot of nuggets of useful information, and it invites good interaction with a pretty centralized core group of people who I feel just really like time pieces in general.
Again, welcome to watches, and Happy Holidays!