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Quartz to automatic transformation?

Here's a dumb question to end the day:
If you get a quartz watch and manage to find an automatic movement, which fit the watch at hand both in terms of size (it would physically fit) and in terms of which complications are used, could you "just" swap out the movement? My guess is, that it'd be incredibly difficult to find an automatic movement, that'd fit properly...

You can Google for people who have done this or wanted to. There are a number of websites that sell movments or act as online movement references. There's one reference site that is really good, but I can't find it right now. Here is a reseller that stocks a wide variety of movements:
You can filter by size (ligne) within the Miyota section, for instance, then look at thickness. There appear to be many factors relating to fit, including the stem and hand hub.
There's a Russian guy who blogs somewhere who does all kinds of crazy watch stuff, and he doesn't seem to be trained to do it. He buys old watches that don't work and puts in new movements. His work can be kind of half-assed, but the watches run. I remember he put a non-chronograph movement into a chronograph, so the complications didn't work, but it told time. What the heck, why not? This could be a fun hobby. If you decide to give it a try, you should buy an old junker and a cheap Chinese movement and definitely document what you're doing here.
Will do if I ever end up getting around to it. And thanks for the suggestions!
Your guess Olli would be pretty accurate, as most quartz movements are considerably thinner than automatic movements, and the cases correspondingly so also. This isn’t to say it can’t be done, but it would likely involve significant effort and expense to do so.
Well thanks for the reply. I was just wondering, since I have a few watches I'd like to get, but I'm a sucker for mechanical watches (like everyone else here I guess).