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2018 Wish List

As I start putting together goals for the upcoming year with savings and what not, I'm thinking about what I'd like to add to my collection in 2018. I've been more and more trying to abide by (not always successfully) only buying watches that I've been thinking about for more than 6 months. These are the ones (like a couple of my Seikos) that seem to end up getting the most wrist time. Ones I buy on impulse I often find myself rarely wearing, or flipping a few months down the road.
Here are a few that I've had my eye on.
Oris Chronoris Date - I've been reading everything I can about this one since the news came out of Basel and Stainless (I think) shared an image of it here on a thread a few months back that brought me back to it. Prices have continued to fall over the course of the year and this is one I'll likely go grey market on in 2018 on the bracelet.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical - I think my little Seiko is in trouble when these come over state side (only available in Japan at the moment).
Omega Speedmaster - TBD - This has always been a grail watch for me, to the point where I'm not sure which reference to get. I've thought about it so much I'm concerned that once I take the plunge I'll find myself disappointed. I'm also finding myself tempted by the Railmaster reissues...
Something w/ blue face on a steel bracelet - Since selling a watch that filled this niche (an old quartz beater I had for years and years) I find myself consistently missing something along these lines. I saw a really nice Longines GMT the other week, but it wore a little large (was very thick with the GMT complication) and this watch doesn't need to be anything fancy. I'm waiting until I see the right one and I'll know it.
Anyone out there have specific pieces they are going for in the new year? Releases you may be anticipating?
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You make some great points. Now, if I had the self control not to succumb to impulse ... :)
Vintage1982Benz We've got something coming up in the next few weeks that should excite you! Can't reveal too much, but I'll link it here when it does launch.
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If you haven't seen it yet:
Already joined! Bummed the ones with bracelet went so quickly but snagged one on leather.
More from C Ward that is tempting...

"The trick to minimalism is in the quality of the details, and these hour markers are a perfect example. Just long enough to almost brush the hour hand and just bold enough to be easily legible from any angle, these markers ride the balance of austere design very well indeed."
Have you checked out the Dan Henry 1970, its also a compressor style diver like the Oris but much more affordable and has 2 sizes for small and big wrists and 2 colorways...
Do you have any experience with Dan Henry?
No, only because they don't have any models that I'm looking for, but they are highly rated over at the watchuseek forum, you can ask owners over there.
On my current radar. I find myself lusting after the Seiko sarb033 these days. Classy, affordable, and versatile. Not flashy, but just a quality watch.

I'm very much intrigued by Christopher Ward, specifically the C60 Trident 600 (above) . Seems like a lot of watch for the money. Not much brand equity, because they're so new, but they cut out the middleman. Customer service gets rave reviews.
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I recently purchased the Christopher Ward C8 Flyer Automatic With leather strap. Beautifully detailed watch. You can dress it up or casual. The strap is also one of the best I own and is super conforming to my wrist. I agree customer service is exceptional. The packaging was overdone and huge in my opinion. I can’t help but wonder how much of the price went towards the slick boxes. Ultimatly, you won’t be wearing the box. If unboxing is an important part of your experienc, you will enjoy it.
Good to know about the strap, fit & finish. The packaging I don't care so much about.
Any chance Massdrop will ever bring back this beauty? ? Would pick this little guy up in a heartbeat. I have been waiting patiently for its return for a long time now and from the look of these forums I am not the only one...
Love the Alpinist, I'd definitely pick one up at a good discount.
I gave up waiting on MD and bought one from Amazon in December. It's a great watch.
Enough with the crowded marketplace Orient Bambino, seiko's no one wants. The choices for drops are becoming much of a muchness.
How about Branson bulova, Bulova moonwatch, Seiko MarineMaster or JDM Sumo's and Monsters? How about Balticus, NTH, Ginault, Phoibos, Farer or Bathys,
I don't work for Massdrop. You may want to air your grievances elsewhere.
I'd love to track down this bad boy. Alpina AL-860S4H6
Dan Henry 1939 - your budget alternative!
Id love to add a cosmo king to my box....but way things look now, might be a 2019 aquisition,

Highly unlikely this year.. (or next as I'm bound to get distracted before too long) but this is the one on my bucket list..
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I'm with you on just getting it for the cool looks. It's just that I found that the added functions get in the way of just using it as a watch. MIne had the additional hassle of a perpetual calendar. Let that get out of sync and you've got a half hour at least of figuring out how to set the damn thing (and figuring out when the leap year is). I would never get a perpetural calendar that wasn't quartz or solar, and I'm not interested in anything but automatic now.

Chronographs are cool looking but kind of stupid in the modern age. I have nothing to time with them. I have kitchen timers, and normal watches with second hands and I still have my short-term memory, and I have divers for several minute long timing. Having that chronograph hand just sitting there without moving bugs me. And I alway hit the button that changes it to chronograph mode by accident.

Divers are a good example of a kind of watch that is obsolete, with vestigial functions, but whose functions do not get in your way. Don't need the bezel? Ignore it. Same with the helium release valve. They are simple decoration. They are not suddenly turning around or unscrewing of their own volition or getting in the way of viewing something else.
That’s a sharp lookin one! Might be my new favorite!