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Big Willies for Big Switches Artisan Keycap

Hey Goonies.
This is Robert(Polysculpture) from I am posting to gauge interest in a Big Willie Artisan run. He would fit onto the Big Switch by Novel Keys. I was able to reach out to an awesome manufacturer that I have worked with in the past and they would be able to produce something like this for us for a fairly competitive price. This would be a resin cast, so it can come in some different colors and possibly even painted!
Below are some prototype pictures that I took of my One Eyed Willie. Keep in mind this is a prototype and a 4x scale up of the original design that was never intended to be larger. I would actually be re-working this design a little to have more details at this large scale. It would also be printed on an even better printer so things would look about 2x as detailed and be cleaner.
So a couple things I am curious about is what color(s) would you guys want the cast to be? Big White Willie, Big Black Willie, Big Grey Willie, Big Clear Willie, ect. Also, would you want a hand painted option for an additional $30-$50?
Rough quote for getting your fingers on a Big Willie is in the range of $25-$40 for standard resin cast and +$35-$50 to that for it to be hand painted. Each Willie would also come with quality packaging. The last thing we need is a bunch of damaged Willies.

Here is a sample of the hand painting on the standard One Eyed Willie. The large one would be similar/maybe better.

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When do you think we’d be able to get these?
I would totally be in for a hand painted one.
Hopefully with the same colors to match my little willie!
(Oh, that didn't sound right... )
I'm still throwing my wallet at the screen it's not working. Send help!
'big black willie' only the british will know lmao
'big black willie' only the british will know lmao
where can send our money?
i'll take one hand painted please! :D
Where can we get a little Big Willie? My nickname I've known my entire life is "Big Willie" and I have always been amused by the idea that if you stripped me down to my skeleton, I'd be at my truest essence probably. haha, I love this.
Willie will be available again at early January. Thanks!
This is so damned absurd and I love it
This is awesome! I could be interested in an unpainted speciment.
Ah I am a doofus. I didn't realize this was for the large kailh switches. I would like the standard sized cap. Is that available anywhere?
Love it. Instant buy painted. Please follow up with Sloth or Mama Fratelli.
I need this! Gimme Gimme Gimme :-D
Beyond ridiculous, but I would buy it.
Me too!
Awesome :P
I wouldn't mind picking up a couple of those to use as bookends.
even if I don't own a big switch.. a epic sized artisan! is just that its epic! I could see there being a need for these.