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Question About Keyboard lighting?

I have a quick question: Would it be possible to replace some or all of the LED's on a RGB lit keyboard with UV LED's? Obviously I'm thinking of casting some key caps myself out of some type of clear acrylic and adding some glow powder or something like that. Are there boards already with UV LED's or does my idea sound ridiculously stupid? Anyone? ....... Anyone? ........ Bueller? ....... Bueller?

I've actually been consdering trying to get someone to make me similar keycaps when my UHK comes in, any chance you could let me know how it goes?
Due to the way the RGB LEDs are built into the PCB it would necessarily be *impossible*, but it would be difficult to the the point of futility.
A better bet would be to build a board traditional through-switch LEDs and just using some UV LEDs from amazon etc in my opinion.
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Yup no issues.
I am reading all these replies and taking in all your info. You guys really are very helpful. I just have to decipher some of the terms I'm not familiar with but it's easy so don't worry, I appreciate all the input, thank you!