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Top 5 Watch Brands by Revenue

Below is think to the NYT article. I’m a little surprised that Longines made the list.
StainlessOnly and steve

Rolex is “the watch you want on your wrist when you’re in a Third World country and revolution breaks out and there’s only one seat on the plane and there’s a guy standing there with a machine gun,”
“You give him a Rolex and he will give you the seat. It’s kind of its own currency.”
I think Rolex is the high-end watch recognized by low-end people. Dan Benjamin on his watch podcast was talking about how he's treated differently by salespeople when he wears his Rolex, than when he wears a cheaper watch, OR a more-expensive-than-Rolex brand watch.
Longines advertises like crazy in Google search results. It'll turn up as the first, sponsored result for "watch your weight."
I think Rolex is not only the most recognized but also most loved by both watch aficianaddos and the regular Joes. Just because they only know of Rolex and not Patek, Lange, Hublot, etc. doesn’t mean they are ”low-end“ people. It probably just means they have other interests.