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Massdrop and defective units

NOT GOOD> I got my 4xx. It had a buzzing sound on the right cup, as if something was loose. Wanted to replace. Massdrop told me to send an email to a gmail address ( at gmail dot com). It does not even have HIFIMAN domain (even though HIFIMAN has a domain in their customer service email).
Now I will have to send it back. I guess I also have to pay for it. The given email responded: send us the headphones, we will send you a new one back once we get the one you sent.
Massdrop mentioned that it is under warranty. Defective products when they first arrive should not be covered with "warranty". It did not break down after use; it was already not working properly when I got it. As a metaphor, this is the same as Massdrop not sending the unit, and telling me to go pay to UPS for not sending anything, and then me waiting for a while for the product to be sent.
My friend mentioned me do not buy from massdrop. I did not listen to him. Then he said "I told you".
I am telling you so.

It's not Massdrop's fault. HIFIMAN has an infamous reputation for poor quality control. Your and your friend's claim of not to buy from Massdrop is fallacious. You cannot assume a company's reliability just from one product, and you cannot assume Massdrop is unreliable just because they a product from a manufacture with poor quality control.
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As it is expected some products to be defective, you should be able to trust the company (Massdrop) that they will give a proper support. A company that doesn't give proper support is not trustable; and that is exactly what I am saying.
Hi Siyamed -- Our support team does the best it can, but I see that there was an opportunity to have helped you in a better way. I'm following-up to make sure that you aren't charged for the return of your defective unit (we'll reimburse you for the shipping if there was any charge), and I'll have an agent reach out to make sure you have received your replacement unit and that it's working to the quality and standards that are satisfactory to you.