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Getting married and need to pick a wedding watch.

I'm getting married next year and i need to pick a watch i can wear for a life time. I'm a big fan of classic design and i like something a little more off the beaten path ...any suggestions?

So I made my decision. After @StainlessOnly recommended the Union Glashutte I fell in love the look but i didn't love that it was EU only and the extra effort or steps it would take to acquire it. @PetrosD had great information that it was a Swatch brand so I did some digging on other brands that had their price point and look. I came upon the Longines Master Collection Triple Date Moon-phase Chronograph.
Tried it on and looks even better in person. Thanks for the help everyone!
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Awesome choice. That is a really gorgeous watch. I can't wait to see some wrist shots of that beauty. Enjoy that and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials.

If you haven't seen it, TGV of the Urban Gentry YouTube channel did a review of that watch.
I did see this in my research. Great review and really helped display its quality at the price point.
At the risk of being too predictable but always appropriate, pre-owned Rolex Oyster or Datejust. Or a wildcard, Seiko Presage SPB047 with the enamel dial.
Cartier Tank, of course.
Thank you for the advise and info. The Unions are beautiful; i would have to do some research in getting one to the US. My front runners are omega AT and the breitling super ocean
The Breitling Superocean Heritage is another watch I was going to recommend, besides the Omega AT. It's a bit more of a tool watch than the AT, but is probably the dressiest and classiest tool watch you can buy. Both of those are on my personal list to acquire, and either would make a fine watch that will be a keeper for a lifetime.
You can find both Omega Aqua Terra and the Breitling SuperOceans readily for under $3k pre owned .
The Seiko “Cocktail time“ line are very nice and elegant pieces, as is the aforementioned Omega AT. I’ve also been really impressed as of late by Hamilton and Oris, who are making some really nice pieces.
A watch that has been drawing more of my attention lately thats “off the beaten path” is Union Glashutte’, who makes some Really nice pieces that mostly seem to roll in under $3k. Problem getting one is they are only available in Europe, no distribution in the US.
Belisar Chronograph Moonphase
The key to finding a wedding watch is to not look at it simply as ”a watch”. It is part of that moment, a perpetual reminder of the time spent to get their, and a reminder of that everlong investment. Get a watch that is you, it will be synonymous with your character and style.
best of luck on the hunt, and congrats on the engagement!
Considering that Union Glashutte is another Swatch Group brand, it's curious that they don't sell that watch in the US. That Belisar Moonphase is a really beautiful watch. Somewhat Patek-like to me.
I think it’s likely due to significant overlap with other brands within the group, and Swatch has the Glashutte’ labels as more up scale in price points.
But, yes, it is a stellar looking piece to be sure.
my 10 cents..... happy holidays man
You might be able to pick one up preowned under $3K, but I would go with an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. It can be dressed up or down, and is perfect with the blue dial on bracelet. And that's definitely a watch that can last a lifetime.
Looking to keep it below 3k. I have a small seiko and bulova collection started but don't have anything in the luxury realm.
Hey man Happy Holidays...... that’s a pretty open question friend. Maybe lay out a budget to get more hits