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Just discovered the magic of Ressence Watches

Out of my price range, but that doesn't mean I can't drink in the movement.

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nice technical exercise you're paying for, that's about it.
Hi, How do I know the $$. Please
$21,000 usd starting price, and it goes up from there.
I've also been following this brand for a while. One of the very unique boutique brand doing very different things.
@MikeMD, care to share more about your thought on the movement in this watch?
The biggest issue is the $20k+ price and their use of a basic, modified Swiss movement. For that amount of money you should be getting the (great) design and an in-house movement. Just my opinion though.
There are a lot $20k+, even $50k+ ETA 2824-2 watches. In most cases while the base movement is the same, the attention to detail for the movement is what separates a < $1,000 Hamilton from a > $80k Christiaan van der Klaauw. In this case, the base movement is a spectacular workhorse that can meet COSC that allows for the innovation that sits on top of it. If it had an in house movement (which isn't necessarily better, and I can think of several that aren't as good as a 2824-2) then the price would go up accordingly.
I've been on these for years! But the movement actually isn't that great IMO.....
The Ressence is based on the ubiquitous ETA 2824-2, but it's modified extremely heavily. The 2824-2 is not inherently a regulator movement, they fitted magnets onto the gear trains to carry the various subdials as the time progresses. Ressence also completely removed the winding stem/crown, and you set the time by rotating the caseback (at least in the case of the Type 3 and onwards, as far as I know).
I think this is an example of a watch that punches above its base movement, the technology that lives in the watch are what justify its price in my eyes.
Hodinkee did a better job of describing the Type 3 than I ever could: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/in-depth-the-ressence-type-3
Smooth like butter
oof $21k
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