Dec 31, 2017

Need Great Pair of Headphones Under $100

I want a good pair of headphones for Gaming, note I do not want a GAMING HEADSET, I also listen to music frequently so I want balanced bass, treble and mid.

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My Philips SHP9500 sounds 95% as good as Sennheiser HD 6XX. I only paid 75$ for my Philips SHP9500. I spent another 25$ for Brainwavz XL Large Replacement Memory Foam Earpads. That makes my headphone super comfortable for long listenning.
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Yo how about this? Try it.
Koss Porta Pro fit my bill for daily usage - meet your budget & very good sound.
Why the budget of 100$? Do you have a amp and dac?
KPH30iK/KPH30iW or KPH30i Rhythm's. I was personally stunned by these.
Philips SHP9500s
ath m50x
*under $100*
Oh sorry, i got them for 100 but it was with some kind of a discount. Best pair under 100 would probably be Grado sr60 if open back is ok with you.
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