Dec 31, 2017

Any TKL/Full Size options with MX Greens?

Looks like the Ducky One is one of a very small number of boards that fits the bill, and it‘s impossible to find. WASD’s boards work too, but are significantly more expensive for such a simple board.
Am I missing any other options out there in this combo of switch and form factor?

I believe CM sells a masterkeys direct with MX greens. Unfortunately their store is down until the 2nd though. If you check online a bunch of reviewers mention that CM sent them MX green keyboards.
Their product page for the non-Pro model looks like green (and silver) is an option that isn't available on the Pros. That's probably why I hadn't seen it from them. I'd only seen brown, blue, and red available, which looks like all you get for the backlit models.
I have a WASD Code 104 key with Greens that I really love. They sell them on Amazon so if you're a Prime member you would save some money on shipping.
If you plan on getting that or any other board from them prepare to spend another $35-40 on caps though (unless you get one of their GMK bundles) because their stock ABS ones are very thin and cheap feeling. I'd probably go with a barebones model over the Code unless you really like the white backlighting honestly.
Yeah, I was afraid of that. Their caps looked sort of flimsy. I may go that route, but I'll have to keep an eye on caps first if I do. I do like a lot of what WASD does, but I’m not sure I want to go that route quite yet.
I appreciate that either way. I don’t hear much about that combo, so good to know at least someone likes it.
No problem! Hope you find what you're looking for :)
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Another opportunity, if you're able/willing to (de)solder might be a used working mk fitting your needs and some cheaper Gateron Greens do start your own board. Should be possible for less than 100 bucks, being patient and a bit lucky even much less.
Do the gaterons actually follow that same force curve? I haven’t looked too hard at them specifically, but all of the other heavy switches (most notably the Kailh variants) I’ve seen lack that super sharp force spike right before actuation, which is the entire appeal of the MX greens to me based on all of the switches I have played around with.