Jan 3, 2018

Super Thin Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive One

Citizen is advertising this ridiculously thin solar-powered watch relentlessly on television in Japan over the New Years holidays. I think this is a case of Jonny-Ive-esque excess: Thin is fine, but this is just too thin. The bracelet seems a little thicker than the watch, and the deployant is definitely thicker. And do you really want the crystal to be that thin?
I remember the days when Sony was pumping out miniaturized versions of everything. As the size went up the price went up and the features, robustness, and reliability went down. It was all cool, but the best move was to back up a couple levels and get the slightly bigger version.


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i like my eco-drive and appreciate thin cases, but for that price would favor a chunky diver. the screws on the front perimeter kind of ruin the otherwise clean face.

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thinner than paper, it would seem
i.e. the infinitely thin watch
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