Jan 3, 2018

The best thing about a film camera

The best thing about a film camera, is not having to get it upgraded. The film is always just as sensitive. That's why I shoot with a Nikon FM and FM3a. The FM was my Dad's and needs some repair, but it will still snap a picture.

My 2 most used are a Nikon F with an E series 50mm 1.8 and a Kiev 3 with a Jupiter 8m 50mm 2.0.
For me it’s the overall look of film that I love. The tonal quality and saturation is never “right” when filters/presets are used in photoshop, aperture, Lightroom, etc.
I also have a Nikon FM3a. I started shooting photos on a Nikon FM2. I think the FM3a is the nicest Nikon film camera I have ever used; just enough automation and a really pleasant , light clunk of the shutter. The finder is bright and its easy to focus even with a Nikkor 50mm at f1.4. I enjoy shooting it almost as much as my Leica M6. Even as we see manufacturers of film lik5e Fuji and Agfa discontinue certain films, there are still a good number of black and white and color films out there.
Believe me, they never stopped improving the film in decades past. And the bodies were always being improved with new features. From full manual F-mount in the 1960's, then adding things like self-timer, auto-exposure, hot-shoe speedlight, auto-focus. self-advancing film, improved auto-focus, burst exposures, Program-auto mode, auto-detection of film iso... it went on like that for decades.