Jan 6, 2018

K7XX or HD6XX for generally listening to music and gaming?

Looking for some opinons on the two. I can wait for both as I'm not in a rush but wanted to know the community opinion as I'm kinda new to the audiophile scene, I have been one of those people who used gaming headsets most of the time.

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I would take a look at the HE4XX/K7XX. I will start with what I think what attributes good HiFi "gaming" cans should have. A lack of hard bass, soundstage, imaging, detail, and good separation. The K7XX are great cans for gaming. Their soundstage, imaging, detail, and separation are really good. It's just I feel that the HE4XX have better imaging, detail, separation expect the K7XX have better soundstage. Plus the HE4XX have a pretty good low-end extension which isn't over powering at all. I would say imaging is more important than soundstage for gaming, but soundstage and imaging should be a married characteristic when describing sound. Having decent to good soundstage with crappy imaging is like having a good idea with bad implementation. Not saying they K7XX have bad imaging. I think a good example of this would be the HD6XX, they have decent soundstage with crappy imaging, and it's why they're no good for gaming. As someone who owns the K7XX, HE4XX, HD6XX, and more if you asked me for gaming/music I would point you towards the K712 Pro, ATH1000X, and or the HE4XX.
From what I came across, I heard K7XX is superior for games since it has a wider soundstage, and HD6X is better for music since since it's more neutral (preference). I just got the K7XX and plugged it directly into my Nintendo Switch to play ZELDA and the sound blew away my Sennheiser HD598; I did notice the volume was lower on my 7XX vs the HD598. I haven't tried it for FPS yet but I will. It's going to come down to what you do more, play games or listen to music.
How do the K7XX sound for music? I like some bass so if it's extra I don't mind. And I play FPS most of the time.
I would take a look at the K712 Pro then. I found my K712s for the same price as my K7XX. I like my K712 Pros better in every area when comparing them to my K7XX. Want a bit more bass out of them I would pick up a pair of the Dekoni Elite Hybrid for the K7XX.

K7XX are more for music production than general day-to-day listening to music and gaming. I mention this because they're extremely neutral, even though that sounds redundant. They are much better for mastering than the HD 6XX headphones. For anyone who doesn't produce music I recommend the 6XX for its warmer, friendlier tone and soundscape. Unless you have both headphones it is difficult to describe the difference, but each of them are much different from the other. You will enjoy music more on the 6XX since it is less critical of mastering issues on older songs or poor mastering issues from less skilled sound mixers, generally providing the listener a better listening experience.

That being said, I use my 6XX for FPS's like CS:GO which require pinpoint precise sound locations, and it is expert for that. You will hear footsteps easier and be able to easily locate enemy team players or gunshot locations. For games like Rising Storm 2 in which I prefer to feel immersed, I also recommend the 6XX since explosions and gunshots are more pronounced and overwhelming than the 7XX.
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Yes, any high-end headphones are viable for gaming. You would not be let down if you got the 7XX. The main difference between the two headphones is that the 7XX is less friendly and more for music/audio production. It is just less consumer-friendly sounding and more for professional audio mixing/mastering, which is why I recommend the HD 6XX for most individuals.

Of course, this is just my opinion, but if your main point is to just game, there won't be much of a huge difference. Most people buy headphones like these two for music. Also, some people prefer neutrality in the tracks they listen to, so the 7XX might be better for them. It all comes down to personal preference.
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Hd6xx has high impedance. It needs an amp for the full effect
Hd6xx is better for music, k7xx for gaming (although k702 and k712 are better than k7xx which is k702 with extra muddy bass)
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I see, your right from what I’ve read. I also heard the 7XX is more fun to use for misic over the HD6XX but the HD6XX is more accurate and warm
I wouldn't say that. Normally a "fun" sound signature is v shaped whereas the k7xx doesn't have much bass. The k7xx can be more fatiguing to listen to than the hd6xx. IMO if you are talking about overall technical ability the hd6xx is comparible to the k712 which is better than k7xx but your preferences are also important. The k7xx also has problems if the music isn't very well mixed and mastered. If anything I'd say that whilst the hd6xx is more detailed than the k7xx (about on par with the k712) the k7xx forces you to listen to the detail whilst the hd6xx places it there for you to pick up on if you want to.
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