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Any interest in tower speakers?

I've been watching the Audiophile community for a while, and have purchased a couple pairs of nice headphones, but I rarely see actual speakers come up, and when they do they're almost always small powered desktop or bookshelf speakers.
Is there any interest in some full towers here? Perhaps something along the lines of the SVS Ultras, Q Acoustics Concept 40 or 500s, Elac UF5 or Adante AF61, Infinity R263, B&W 702 S2, Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers w/RAAL, or some other nice high quality tower speakers?
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I just bought a new AVR (Yamaha A3080) and I agree with this. Even if it wasn't tower speakers, Atmos/Presensce speakers or satellites sell well I think. Same with accessories: swivel mounts, banana/spade plugs, cables, sound deadening material, speaker/sub stands, measuring equipment, etc. Even more receivers would be nice since they go on sale all the time some good deals could be had here. Same with more powered options for 2nd/3rd room setups. As much as I would like to see some nice towers, it's doubtful due to size and weight.
I got a pair of tower speakers, really good for filling the house with decent amount of music! The kids love dancing to them when we're just wanting to play some happy tunes!
I have them hooked up to a cheap Chinese amp and use my phone as the source. Does the job and produces decent sound!
Very interested in speakers, too. If a quality pair of tower speakers at a reasonable discount showed up on Massdrop, I would almost definitely buy. Same goes for an integrated amp.
I know that not everyone is in the states but with the wide availability of quality direct to consumer options I don't see tower speakers being all that successful on here. The few times I've seen the Pioneer Elite Andrew Jones line on here it doesn't seem to do all that well. Now if I could get some Revel F208's, ELAC Adante or other similarly priced pairs with a warranty and a discount count me in.
Same, I would be interested also.
Floorstanding speakers aren't very popular here for a few reason's I think, the majority of stuff sold here are headphone and headphone related things. That's because it's very easy to own headphones, and generally with younger people its what they have grown up with and its what they're familiar with. Another reason is the large footprint. They are usually tall and may seem unwieldy to those without a lot of space, whereas bookshelf can be placed on desks or other small and convenient place (even though this usually leads to a compromise on sound. If most people were willing to take the dive to floorstanding speakers, I think they would be pleasantly surprised with the difference. Floorstanding speakers tend to sound more full, and effortless.
I think the reason being they are too hard to mass distribute, standmounts are much easier. And most people don't have big enough rooms for proper floorstander enjoyment, in those situations standmounts will usually sound better anyway.
I don't need any .....My Sonus Fabers are just fine
I'd be interested.