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Mido - Anyone Own?

I've been looking at some used Commanders but wondering if anyone has experience with the brand? I've done some light research online but I've never seen one of their watches in person nor met someone who owns one. Seems like Swatch Group is pushing this brand increasingly in the US based on the amount of recent coverage.
Anyone out there in Massdrop land?

W&W seems to like Mido, especially the Baroncelli. I personally think they're handsome, but a little generic in photos. That can be changed in person though.
I like that architecture one tho and the new Big Date Commander: http://wornandwound.com/?s=mido But who doesn't like a Big Date?
I would have got the Architecture one when they announced it if it didn't have the engraving around the chapter ring...
Wow, that commander looks really nice! If it's swiss made I would not worry to much...
From what I've researched before on the brand I really like them but no don't own one as of yet ,I would likely end up getting an old Felca or maybe a Tittoni Cosmo King before heading to Mido, but that's just because I have wanted those longer than any of the Mido models that struck my fancy