Jan 8, 2018

So I just got an Instant Pot..

... and it's incredible. So far in the past week I've made cumin-rubbed pork tenderloin, mac & cheese, southern smothered oxtail, and last night I made bacon & black bean soup (and I didn't soak the beans first).
I've also learned that you need to allow time for your pressure cooker to pressurize, and the difference between quick pressure release and natural pressure release (the hard way, because I was too impatient to read the actual instructions before using). There is so much info out there and so far I have leaned something new from each person I talk to who already has one. This is my first time using a pressure cooker.
I want to know your favorite pressure cooker recipes, your IP tips & tricks, and perhaps even add-on accessories you have for it. Looking forward to seeing what the community has to recommend, as well as pics of any particularly awesome meals you've made!

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Agree. Really a great piece of investment
Totally need this! But the smallest one 😬
As an aside, I recently bought the Cuisinart Pressure cooker to compliment my InstantPot Duo. I find the Instant Pot is the easiest to use. Just make sure to have extra gaskets on hand after the first year, because they tend to wear-out quick and the machine will not pressurize if that is the case. If this happens, you can press down gently at the top middle of the handle, and it will seal pretty quickly, but not sure how many times one can get away with doing that. Also make sure there is at least two cups of liquid in the pot or it won't pressurize in that case either.
Beth Hensperger's " So Fast, So Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook" Is my go-to book. I've made a lot of recipes, including her Baba Ganouj dip, and so far every recipe has been fool-proof. My second favorite is "The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book" by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. It is also excellent, some of the flavor profiles are more gourmet, whereas Beth Hensperger's flavor profiles please more people in my experience. Both have a lot of technical and preparation instructions and tips. Both have a wide variety of recipes. I've tried other cookbooks, but none of them really compare to the value you get from these two.
My favorite is simple - hard boiled eggs in 5 Min flat and the easiest shell removal ever...
use 1 cup water and place eggs on removable tray. Set for 5 Min - do instant release, place in ice water. Done....
weird... I have to do 8-9 minutes. any less and the yolks are still dark and soft in the middle. Think something is wrong with my pot?
Mine arrived!

Any recommendations on recipe sites or other resources? I'm going to break it in this weekend.

Happy Friday!
Try brisket in a slow cooker. If not cooked correctly, brisket can dry out, so if you cook it in a slow cooker with enough juice around it, it can stay moist. Put big pieces of brisket in the cooker, pour in onion soup mix, add some small fingerling potatoes and stew veggies and let it roast. The onion soup liquid should cover the meat, so that it seems as though the meat and veggies are floating in the soup. You don't need to add salt, as the mix already has enough salt in it........and the brisket should come out tender. Use the excess liquid, after everything is done, as gravy for the meat and veggies.
I get a lot of recipes from Rich Lum on Facebook. He has some great Hawaiian style recipes.
I appreciate how one can throw all the stuff in, close it up, set its time, and walk away. Even leave the house. I really like mine - it's the Duo 6qt, but I do wish I had the 8. I make stock, and would like to be able to fit more bones in to make bigger batches for the freezer. It is two of us in the house, but I like to make Big Batches of food and freeze. I don't have any particular favorite recipe, though. I never actually go by recipes - they are inspirational resources, not a set of precise instruction.
Ah, I haven’t made stock yet. It’s towards the top of my list right now. How long do you usually cook that for in the pressure cooker?
Usually about 30-40 minutes high pressure, natural release (because I'm usually doing a bunch of other things and don't care if it is a QR or NPR). I'm a by-the-seat-of-my-intuition cook, mostly.

I do roast the bones in the oven first, including all the skin. Some of that crunchy skin doesn't make it into the pot. :D

I deglaze the roasting pan to get the fond. I've heated water to help it all get up to temp faster, too.
I normally am cooking for only two but had a friend tell me to get the 8 quart for the ability to cook larger cuts of meat/roasts. I'm on the fence. His reasoning was I'll never think "I wish this was smaller" but he isn't living in a condo like I am where storage is somewhat limited.

How did the tenderloin turn out? What size were you using? I've heard mixed things about cooking meat in them, but I'm fairly certain those who got poor results were using cheap cuts or not using the pot properly.
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I could see myself doing pork shoulder for al pastor or something like that in the IP. I'm excited for it to arrive!
Yeah, pork shoulder works well. You don't have to do a full 8 lbs shoulder. You can get a nice 4lb, and break it down a bit. I shared a recipe from the NYTimes for crispy pork that I made in my P-cooker. It was fantastic. Same method would work for al pastor or Philippine adobo.
What do you think jeanines? I have used pressure cookers to cook and and love how fast it can speed up the cooking process, and EVERYONE that I know who has one seems to love it. What do you think, does it stand up to all hype?
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Red wine short ribs. 25 minutes instead of 4 hours. If you have an hour to cook, make mashed potatoes first (takes about 30 minutes), so you can sit the short ribs on top. While that's cooking you can prep the short rib ingredients!
Thanks for your feedback, I have been on the fence for a while now... I know I will get on eventually. I grew up in Alaska so we would can tons of salmon each year as well as jams and jellies. My mom has a HUGE 40 quart pressure cooker. This sucker is huge! and filled all four burners on the stove. She would also use it every year when turkeys were cheap and cook three turkeys at once in it and then pack the meat and stock in jars and pressure can them. I have not thought about that in years, I have a small pressure cooker (Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker) I like it, and used it a lot before we had kids but now that I am cooking for more that two it is just to small. I will pull it out to use on artichokes but that is really all I use it for. sounds like it might be time to join the Instant Pot club.

This is my favorite. Reduce the recommended chicken stock to maybe 3/4ths of a cup. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/pressure-cooker-chile-con-carne-texas-red-chili-recipe.html

This was amazing: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018552-pressure-cooker-spicy-pork-shoulder
those both look so good. we have some rainy weather here right now, perfect for chili!