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So I just got an Instant Pot..

... and it's incredible. So far in the past week I've made cumin-rubbed pork tenderloin, mac & cheese, southern smothered oxtail, and last night I made bacon & black bean soup (and I didn't soak the beans first).
I've also learned that you need to allow time for your pressure cooker to pressurize, and the difference between quick pressure release and natural pressure release (the hard way, because I was too impatient to read the actual instructions before using). There is so much info out there and so far I have leaned something new from each person I talk to who already has one. This is my first time using a pressure cooker.
I want to know your favorite pressure cooker recipes, your IP tips & tricks, and perhaps even add-on accessories you have for it. Looking forward to seeing what the community has to recommend, as well as pics of any particularly awesome meals you've made!
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New favorite thing: Instant Pot artichokes!
1. take 2-4 artichokes 2. trim the tops and stuff with garlic 3. put a steamer tray/trivet in the instant pot 4. with a bay leaf and a cup of water 5. pressure cook on high for 20-25 min (depending on how well done you like them) and quick release for 10 min
Quick & easy dip: Combine yogurt, lemon juice, dried dill, and some sort of ground chili pepper if you want some heat. Mix it all up! I kinda wing it and adjust to my tastes each time, but I usually end up using one of those single serving Fage yogurt cups, 3/4-1 whole lemon, and more dill than I care to admit. The last time I made this, I used the silk chili from Burlap and Barrel. Their spices are truly so flavorful and aromatic, it felt like some gourmet dip that I spent way longer than 2-3 minutes to make!
I don't exactly know the recipe, but I do know you have to wear special clothes...
it's a boss for making stock/broth. Roast a chicken, save all the bones (or freeze them for later use) and 2 hours in the IP with veg (carrots, celery, onion, garlic, parsley, peppercorn, bay leaves maybe a dried mushroom etc.) and you have fantastic stock. No leaving it on the stovetop with the gas on overnight (i am not like some of my chef friends who are cool with leaving the gas range on overnight). Plus, it keeps it at safe temp for you for another 10 hours, so you can leave the house. I've gotten a whole duck, removed the legs and breast for other uses, and roasted the carcass and made amazing duck stock. Love having it on hand especially in winter and so easy.
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yes, for sure, get it up to pressure and then two hours should do the job - DEFINITELY natural (slow) pressure release, or it could turn geyser spout on you. Not sure if you have a stove top or electric pressure cooker- I wouldn’t want to tend to a stove top pc for two hours, but truthfully I’ve never used a stove top pressure cooker so it might be straightforward. I just like the electric ones like the instant pot because you can “set it and forget it”. Maybe I just watched too many episodes of Tom and Jerry as a kid (lots of cartoon pressure cookers exploding) lol.
Thx! I'll try stock in my pressure cooker next time I make it. I do have a newish, electronic pressure cooker. And yes, I do know about letting the steam out slowly. I actually use tongs to move the external valve-- learned the hard way, by getting a little burn. YEOWWW!!!
I am going to have to get one of these bad boys.
It is great for potato salad. The diced potatoes come out perfect. They are not soggy, nor under cooked, plus you can throw in a couple of eggs to hard boil at the same time. Dried garbanzo beans come out nice and creamy, perfect for making hummus. Pork carnitas in 35 minutes of cook time - whoo hoo.
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Thx! Yes, I should've clarified: I have a newish, electronic pressure cooker. Yet it wasn't referred to as an Instant Pot when I bought it a few years ago. Thx also for the hints on the potatoes/eggs! I'll definitely try that!
I have a pressure cooker, but cubed potatoes for potato salad cook in just a few minutes in a saucepan on the stovetop. What with pressure up and down, I don't think you're saving any time using this gadget.
One of my favorite InstaPot websites has to be www.pressurecookingtoday.com There are a ton of easy to follow recipes, complete with step-by-step instructions and graphics...recipes ranging from cinnamon steel cut oats, beef and broccolli to cheesecake.
I just went to that site and the first thing I saw was a recipe for corned beef & cabbage. Perfect timing! Definitely going to try this one: https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/pressure-cooker-corned-beef-and-cabbage/
Syracuse salt potatoes in the instant pot OMG so tender and creamy just search that recipe online its so simple and good ok here from thisoldgal.com 3 lbs New White Potatoes (bite-sized) Instructions
  1. Wash/Scrub Potatoes.  Add Salt and Water to Pressure Cooker cooking pot and Whisk until the Salt has completely dissolved.
  2. Add Potatoes.
  3. Lock on Lid and close Pressure Valve.  Cook at High Pressure for 2 minutes.  Wait 15 minutes and then release pressure.
  4. Strain Potatoes in a colander and let dry for a few minutes.  Serve with Melted Ghee or Butter.
I know this is a recipe for mashed potatoes, but it kinda looks like it'll be The Perfect Mashed Potatoes. I can't wait to try this!
Instant pot FTW!! I cook all my raw beans in them (kidney beans, chick peas, lentils, etc.) And they always come out perfect.
Lately I’ve been making soup out of whatever is around and I love that I can just throw dry beans in there without soaking. It’s seriously incredible
Really? Dried beans?!? I'll have to try that ;)
I put onions, 2 cups of chicken broth/bone broth, and 2lbs of Grass-fed organic chuck roast. and I manually set it for 50-100 minutes (I do it for as long as I have time for). Then I open the release valve and throw in carrots and potatoes. Put it back on for 15-20 minutes, and it's no doubt the most tender meat I've ever made. I live in Colorado at 9k feet, and it takes a lifetime to get food to cook like this. Another thing I do is sweet potatoes. with 12 oz of water. Cook at high pressure for 17 min, and you end up with literally the most tender sweet potatoes ever. 10/10
I just got one of these and love it. Beef stew is awesome:
2 lbs stewing beef 6 peeled and sliced carrots 2 celery stalks sliced 1 onion diced 0.5 cup tomato juice 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp tapioca pearls
Pressure cook for 35 minutes and you're good. It's best to put the meat into the pot first and then veggies on top.
Tapioca pearls? does this just thicken it or are we talking about beef boba stew? 😅
Just to thicken... but boba stew sounds fabulous!
Quarter/portion a chicken, put it in the pot with a chopped eggplant, a handful of garlic cloves and a knob of fresh ginger sliced. Cover plus half an inch with water and a bit of white wine if you like, bring up to pressure & cook for about 10min. Now the clever bit: Have the quantity of rice you can cook with the amount of liquid in the cooker ready. Quick-release pressure, scoop the chicken pieces out & put in a bowl, add the pre-measured rice to the hot liquid & veg in the pot, lid on, up to pressure, cook for 8 min & let depressurise slowly. Perfect, irresistible chicken rice. Yum.
How do I keep food from burning when I pressure cook them? Is there a secret?HELP
Add more water, liquid. If you see or hear a big drop in the steam that comes out then check. It's perfectly fine to depressurize open and check then steam right back up!
After several mistakes with the instant pot, I finally read one of these here-are-all-the-things-you-shouldn't-do articles. Super helpful! https://dontwastethecrumbs.com/2018/02/instant-pot-mistakes-how-to-fix-them/
Got an Instant Pot a couple of years ago while my wife was very ill. Saved so much time and effort getting meals ready. Other than good knives, it's the best kitchen investment I ever made.
I ended up getting an extra insert and a couple of silicone lids, so I could put one pot of soup in the fridge and still use the cooker. That also allows me to cook a couple of dishes for a nice dinner. If you make a lot of meals with the cooker this is a real convenience.
Agree. Really a great piece of investment
Totally need this! But the smallest one 😬
As an aside, I recently bought the Cuisinart Pressure cooker to compliment my InstantPot Duo. I find the Instant Pot is the easiest to use. Just make sure to have extra gaskets on hand after the first year, because they tend to wear-out quick and the machine will not pressurize if that is the case. If this happens, you can press down gently at the top middle of the handle, and it will seal pretty quickly, but not sure how many times one can get away with doing that. Also make sure there is at least two cups of liquid in the pot or it won't pressurize in that case either.
Beth Hensperger's " So Fast, So Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook" Is my go-to book. I've made a lot of recipes, including her Baba Ganouj dip, and so far every recipe has been fool-proof. My second favorite is "The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book" by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. It is also excellent, some of the flavor profiles are more gourmet, whereas Beth Hensperger's flavor profiles please more people in my experience. Both have a lot of technical and preparation instructions and tips. Both have a wide variety of recipes. I've tried other cookbooks, but none of them really compare to the value you get from these two.
My favorite is simple - hard boiled eggs in 5 Min flat and the easiest shell removal ever... use 1 cup water and place eggs on removable tray. Set for 5 Min - do instant release, place in ice water. Done....
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Altitude maybe effecting it?
Unlikely... I'm at about 630 feet above sea level...
Mine arrived!
Any recommendations on recipe sites or other resources? I'm going to break it in this weekend.
Happy Friday!
Try brisket in a slow cooker. If not cooked correctly, brisket can dry out, so if you cook it in a slow cooker with enough juice around it, it can stay moist. Put big pieces of brisket in the cooker, pour in onion soup mix, add some small fingerling potatoes and stew veggies and let it roast. The onion soup liquid should cover the meat, so that it seems as though the meat and veggies are floating in the soup. You don't need to add salt, as the mix already has enough salt in it........and the brisket should come out tender. Use the excess liquid, after everything is done, as gravy for the meat and veggies.
It should be noted that when you try this in an instant pot you shouldn't use slow cook mode.
I just sliced and froze a little brisket two days ago. The chunk I didn't freeze I put in the Dutch oven with my chili. I'll have to put some in my IP!
I get a lot of recipes from Rich Lum on Facebook. He has some great Hawaiian style recipes.
I checked Rich Lum's FB page, and he's been posting to Amy and Jacky's group below. His recipes look delightful. I belong to several IP or IP-friendly Facebook groups, including: (1) Instant Pot Recipes & Pressure Cooker Recipes By Amy+Jacky *Newbie Friendly; (2) ThisOldGal.com Instant Pot Pressure Cooking and Pressure Cooker Recipes.
I appreciate how one can throw all the stuff in, close it up, set its time, and walk away. Even leave the house. I really like mine - it's the Duo 6qt, but I do wish I had the 8. I make stock, and would like to be able to fit more bones in to make bigger batches for the freezer. It is two of us in the house, but I like to make Big Batches of food and freeze. I don't have any particular favorite recipe, though. I never actually go by recipes - they are inspirational resources, not a set of precise instruction.
Ah, I haven’t made stock yet. It’s towards the top of my list right now. How long do you usually cook that for in the pressure cooker?
Usually about 30-40 minutes high pressure, natural release (because I'm usually doing a bunch of other things and don't care if it is a QR or NPR). I'm a by-the-seat-of-my-intuition cook, mostly.
I do roast the bones in the oven first, including all the skin. Some of that crunchy skin doesn't make it into the pot. :D
I deglaze the roasting pan to get the fond. I've heated water to help it all get up to temp faster, too.
I normally am cooking for only two but had a friend tell me to get the 8 quart for the ability to cook larger cuts of meat/roasts. I'm on the fence. His reasoning was I'll never think "I wish this was smaller" but he isn't living in a condo like I am where storage is somewhat limited.
How did the tenderloin turn out? What size were you using? I've heard mixed things about cooking meat in them, but I'm fairly certain those who got poor results were using cheap cuts or not using the pot properly.
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I could see myself doing pork shoulder for al pastor or something like that in the IP. I'm excited for it to arrive!
Yeah, pork shoulder works well. You don't have to do a full 8 lbs shoulder. You can get a nice 4lb, and break it down a bit. I shared a recipe from the NYTimes for crispy pork that I made in my P-cooker. It was fantastic. Same method would work for al pastor or Philippine adobo.
What do you think jeanines? I have used pressure cookers to cook and and love how fast it can speed up the cooking process, and EVERYONE that I know who has one seems to love it. What do you think, does it stand up to all hype?
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Red wine short ribs. 25 minutes instead of 4 hours. If you have an hour to cook, make mashed potatoes first (takes about 30 minutes), so you can sit the short ribs on top. While that's cooking you can prep the short rib ingredients!
Thanks for your feedback, I have been on the fence for a while now... I know I will get on eventually. I grew up in Alaska so we would can tons of salmon each year as well as jams and jellies. My mom has a HUGE 40 quart pressure cooker. This sucker is huge! and filled all four burners on the stove. She would also use it every year when turkeys were cheap and cook three turkeys at once in it and then pack the meat and stock in jars and pressure can them. I have not thought about that in years, I have a small pressure cooker (Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker) I like it, and used it a lot before we had kids but now that I am cooking for more that two it is just to small. I will pull it out to use on artichokes but that is really all I use it for. sounds like it might be time to join the Instant Pot club.
those both look so good. we have some rainy weather here right now, perfect for chili!
@jeanines You shouldn't use it for canning. It's actually not recommended at all. The manufacturer has said not to do any canning with it!
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I was meaning for full canning, I'd not read about doing anything else canning wise. Seen so many try to do full canning and not realizing that their food may not be safe.
Thanks for the heads up!
That's an impressive list, but where's the photographic evidence :p
i've neglected to take pictures of all of these dishes so far. everything happens so quickly with the instant pot! the mac and cheese was actually so so beautiful. i'll be sure to post pics of my IP endeavors this week :3
Actually it's cool that you didn't bother with photos. Too many people are suffering from Instragamitis. Testament to the Instapot that it is about the cooking not the photos. They should use that. Instapot: it's so good you'll forget about Instagram.
Oh gosh. I also just found that it can be used for boiling-water canning.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/InstantPotCommunity/permalink/878457672248222/
Thanks for that link! I just joined that group and the keto IP group. Yay!