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Paul Newman

No offense to his Daytona, it is a nice watch and all, but I'd rather have this.
Apologies for the only tangentially watch related post.
c0rnelius, AvionNDVR, and 2 others

Pretty cool stuff man. There is a trend in design spanning all our hobbies. There seems to be a shift from continuous to discrete. In automobile (and even watch) design, smooth curves have given way to more angular shapes. In audio and photography, analog to digital (continuous to discrete). People even seem to prefer high contrast editing (which is a color curve with larger gradients) over neutral color tones. There also seems to be a reverse trend starting. Many vintage inspired designs these days. Maybe Nissan will bring back a Datson Z design. This GTR seems pretty awesome. https://www.nissanusa.com/sportscars/gt-r
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Oh yes. This has been my desktop wallpaper for some time now.
Two of 'em at the Detroit Auto Show last year.