Jan 10, 2018

headphones for edm/techno listening

Hey guys. I’m new to this “audiophily” thing, so i would like to ask for your suggestion. I have beyerdynamic dt770 pro’s (80ohm) + fiio k5 amp for about 6 months and I really like the low end on this headphones. Mids and highs are not that satisfying sometimes. Now i feel like its time to get a new pair of headphones. Any better choice? My budget is 500$.

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What exactly is not satisfying about the mids and highs on the DT770? I would probably suggest a Fostex TH-X00PH for EDM/techno, just need to be sure what you are looking for in the mids and highs - the TH-X00 Mahogany version is a little more neutral and laid back where the Purplehearts are a little more forward, energetic, and cleaner sounding in mids and highs. All the Fostex TH series cans are semi-closed, not fully closed - the have a gap between the cup and frame to aid in driver performance and sound quality. Plus, there is a dampening kit you can apply to the driver frame which increases the clarity, detail, and instrument separation to near the level of a high end open headphone.
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Had the dt770 was a nice pair of headphones you in need of a closed pair? If not and you are looking for a little more clarity while still having great bass look at something from hifiman I hear the he400 has great bass but for more neutral look at the he400i. I had the he500s and the bass is great not as much sub bass as the dt770 though but a big step up overall I see that people often compare the he400i to the he500 so should be good.
Thanks for your reply. Im afraid that for this type of music open back will disappoint me.. Good bass extension is a must. I thought that new beyerdynamic dt 1770 gonna be a perfect upgrade, but some people are saying that it is not worth 500$..
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I owned the dt1770 and didn't think it was a worthy upgrade in all honesty. If you need closed and great bass go with the th6xx it's ranked 6 in the extreme bass club and is a well reviewed headphone I am sure that will fit the bill.

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