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Seiko SBDCO53 - 62MAS Reissue

I know Seiko has a number of fans around here, but I cannot recall if I've seen this one pop up on the wrist check thread. Anyone have one of these beauties around as part of their collection? It is one I am considering (looking for something with a blue face).


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Welp, Gnomon solved it.
Only place you can buy it on OEM bracelet.
Love that SBDC053, the blue is stunning.... but curse my small wrists, it's just too big for me to pull off.
I really like the look of it. That lug to lug would result in a lot of overhang n my wrist, I don't think I could pull it off.
Yeah, the 051 is tempting. People are unloading them left and right in the $600's on WUS.
Proper product code is SPB051 or SPB053 and yes, is a very nice piece from Seiko. The only not cool part is that hideous Prospex logo on the dial and the price who should be more like 4-500USD considering the 6R15 caliber. 1000USD is more in the Oris/Longines/Alpina diver's range.
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I thought the same until I bought it. The fit and finish is a big step up from a sumo and the diashield coating is great. Domed sapphire is such a stunner. I owned oris, longines, and alpina and can say this model is on par with all 3. By the way the alpina seastrong divers can be found for 399 on rubber and 549 on bracelet. I just couldnt stand the non minite markers on the dial otherwise they r cool pieces.
Can I ask you where did you manage to find the Seastrong at those prices? I'm terible tempted :)
I like this watch as well but I am partial to this PADI model: https://www.seiko-prospex.com/sea/spb071j1
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wow which model and color is this?
Seiko Prospex Samurai #SRPB49J1
Been thinking about this one for a while now, watching it from a distance on the forums (wrist photos here http://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/sbp051-sbp053-seiko-divers-4324706.html). They've been at my local Seiko dealers since November, but they seem to be somewhat limited on the internet stores and hovering in the $600-800 range. I might wait for the used market to gain some momentum for this one.
The blue bezel seems to change shades of blue in the light, it's pretty unique.
Yeah I could get at an AD for $699 right now but I want it on a stainless bracelet. By the time you source that you're talking $800 + and you don't know how well the bracelet will fit with the end lugs. I think people who bought the black dial version on the SS are selling theirs for $140+ to people like me who want a flush fit on this 053 blue model.
The bracelet is sharp. Is the issue you're talking about a QC thing? Hopefully it's only a matter of time until the bracelet becomes available on it's own, like the turtle and samurai.