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Daily watch to complement a Gifted Watch?

I've been looking for an automatic watch to wear as a daily driver so I don't have to wear the watch my girlfriend gifted to me every day.
She got me something very close to this: https://www.jacques-lemans.com/shop/en/7063/liverpool-1-1801?c=91 (I can't find the exact version on the site for some reason). I only wear it on weekends or when i'm out with her as I think it looks too nice for work (polos and jeans Monday-Friday).
So I was looking at the recent Spinnaker Drop:https://www.massdrop.com/buy/spinnaker-bernard-automatic-watch but the blue, black and red all sold out before I could join. My girlfriend didn't like the brown and I'm not a fan of gold and cream.
I'm considering this instead: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/orient-symphony-gen-ii-automatic-watch but I'm not quite certain. I'm really looking for an automatic in the sub $100USD range and these two popped up while I started looking.
Any insight on a better deal or watch to complement my JL? Should I roll the dice on the Symphony or hold out for a second Spinnaker drop? Any insight is appreciated. Cheers!

Check it out, it as if the Massdrop Gods heard your question!
First, I think the watch your GF gave you is made for jeans and polos! A nice sport watch like that would be right at home, IMO.
That is not to say you shouldn't get another watch ; - )
Either of the above choices would be a fine watch, and Seiko has many offerings. If you would like another sport watch that would look good with jeans/polo or tshirt check out the Seiko SKX diver line. The price is a little closer to $200 than $100 but it is a classic. The SKX007 is legendary, as is the SKX009 variant with the Pepsi bezel. Looks great on a Nato strap, dive strap or dress it up a bit with a beads of rice stainless bracelet.
I got a SKX009 this past year and I'm going to have it for a long, long time.
There is such a wide range of Orient and Seiko, and Seiko-powered watches (like this Spinnaker) in the $100-200 range. I fell in love with this Seiko 5 and it became a gateway to many others. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/a-seventy-five-dollar-watch-that-looks-like-a-million-bucks
Buy what looks good to you! You can always get another one.
Welcome to watches man, your gal has nice taste in time pieces! This being an opinion, anything with a fluted bezel (like the Spinnaker) generally accompanies a dressier look. The Orient, having a smooth bezel, can probably be a bit more versatile, especially if you plan on playing around with different bracelets or straps on it. Of course there is no hard/fast rule regarding either, but looking for a piece that will expand your versatility is part of the fun.