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Springbars: Where and Which to Buy?

I find myself in need of some spring bars, and it seems way more complicated than it should be.
Size: It would seem that they come in different diameters, not just different lengths.
Types: There are single and double flange and single and double shouldler spring bars, not to mention things like curved springbars.
Origin: There are Swiss springbars and (probably) Chinese springbars.
Price: The price differences are astounding between the high and low end.
Any recommendations for who to buy from and how to tell what thickness you need? And is there any practical difference between the Swiss and Chinese stuff, security-wise, or do the Swiss ones just look better through a loupe?

Keep the strap thickness in mind too, especially for pass-through straps. I like to leave springbars in leather straps for quick changes. But then again most everything I own is pretty similar, with the exception of the Seiko "fat spring bars". Those I know longislandwatch sell.
I have some cheap ones that do the job 90% of the time ordered off of Amazon. Seiko with drilled lugs is a different story...
They also came with so many sizes I'll never use...I think all the way down to 6 mm in increments of 2.